Hello wise friend,

Today is a great day to check in with yourself and notice if your energies are scattered.

Push the pause button, close your eyes and turn your awareness inwards. Just for a moment.

Where can you sense, feel or see the majority of your energy right now?

In your head?  Congested around your shoulders. Out of your body? In your head? Out in front of you? Behind you? Tangled all around you? Shooting off into endless directions? In the clouds? Or anchored contently in your centre.

 Whatever your personal situation, know with certainty,  you can be your own medicine by regularly checking in with yourself, and calling back all scattered energies.  When excessive energy is flowing out and away from your body for any length of time, it will leave you open and very vulnerable to energy depletion and energy imbalances, on so many levels.

Have a play with the following healing ritual and let me know what you think.  Happy to answer any questions.

Call back your scattered energies.

You can lay down or sit for this ritual.  I sometimes lay on my tummy to call back stray threads of energy.  Other times I may lay on my back or squat.  Do what works for you.  

Anchor your breath. Down Into the body. Way down. Deep.

Inhale a heavy breath. Yes a heavy breath, not thin and narrow.  Give it weight.

Weave the heavy breath down along the spine – take your time – then expand the breath outwards and saturate the front, sides and back of your belly. 

Feel the weight of your breath connect with your base chakra.

“I call back all my energy now”.  Repeat as needed.

A lovely option at this point is to squat for few minutes (unless you are laying down).  It deepens the union between your base chakra and the earth.

Rest here, as you collect and gather your precious energy.  Feel whole again.  Brilliant.  Well done.