Hello wise friend,

Oracle cards are big medicine. They offer potential. Council us, if you like. Illuminating the hidden or suggest the next step. Often soothing us with comforting words, heavenly guidance or a kind reflective focus for the day ahead.

I like to think of oracle cards as our cosmic companion who knows exactly what we need. Right now. In this moment.

We don’t have to fully understand the cards meaning, but we can explore. Be with its energy. Contemplate “what if” and see if new pathways reveal themselves.

Oracle cards without a doubt give the soul a voice to be heard and express. We surrender the busy thoughts for a higher guidance to flow through.

In case you haven’t guessed by now I’ve a huge lover of oracle cards. For nearly three decades now. My rather delicious private collection is always standing by.  Ready and waiting, for when I reach out, seeking a little cosmic nudging.

My first ever oracle deck was the awesome Medicine Cards (1988) back in the day when oracle decks were few. It’s a stellar deck.  So much clarity and wisdom can be gained from our animal friends. It never disappoints.

You’ll know if an oracle deck is wanting to share medicine with you.  It will circle.  Call you in.  Keep re-appearing.  Remember the three taps on the shoulder theory. It’s time to pay attention. Buy that oracle deck.

Each deck is spectacularly unique.  Oozing its own personality, energy, divine purpose and unique connection with you.

For that reason there are certain oracle decks I use for specific situations and other decks I won’t use for years and happily come back to when the time is right.

Sacred rebels oracle is for when my creativity is a little wobbly and needs sorting.  Oracle of the Dragonfae when I feel disconnected from the earth, un-grounded or have a need to seek wisdom from nature.

The relationship you have with each oracle deck is unique.  Trust that bond.  Breath in rhythm with your oracle deck.  Feel their heart beat.  I always stay with a card or cards for as long as they are alive for me.  Be it one day, one week or longer.  Sometimes the sacred medicine is gentle and slow and we need to absorb the healing over time. Journalling is necessary for clarity and deeper guidance.

And, rule number one of oracle cards.  You can never have enough decks. Rule number two of oracle cards.  You can never have enough decks.  Seriously!

Some of my favourites (at the moment):

Here’s my team of oracle cards at the moment.  They are all hanging out on my oracle altar. 

Of course I have lots and lots more but these are the decks which are alive and speaking to me at the moment.  Talk to me in 6 months and I’m sure the list will have changed a little.  As I grow and evolve so will they.


1.  Liquid Crystal oracle: 

Very much a profound healing deck on so many levels. Amazing for health issues. Most nights you’ll find one of these cards under my pillow or beside my bed.   Liquid crystal oracle is also perfect if you feel drawn to the mineral kingdom (crystals) and their deva’s.  The wisdom is steeped in ancient Atlantian ways.  You’ll also find many wonderful healing rituals.  One of my favourites is the turquoise card.  Place your glass of water on the turquoise card and infuse your drinking water with healing vibrations.  How cool is that!

2. The Wisdom Oracle of Avalon cards:

What can I say about the wisdom of Avalon oracle cards. The energy and myth around Avalon has always called me. I love, love, love these cards.  Accurate. Clear. Practical. The picture above is from this magical deck. Great for drawing one card – as a daily focus to realign my energy.

3. Goddess oracle deck 

Okay, this deck always, always, always comes on my retreats.  Goddess guidance oracle cards are great communicators. I’m sure many of you already have this deck as its been around for nearly 10 years now.   My Goddess deck is well loved and a little tattered. It’s a great deck to start with if you are new to oracle cards.  And lets face it, who doesn’t love a good dose of Goddess healing.

4. Oracle of the Dragonfae: 

These cards stir my soul. Speak to that part of me that understands the healing alchemy of nature. Strong guiding energy.  Perfect deck to use when you are feeling disconnected, off centre or un-grounded.  The explanation with each card is fantastic. Lucy Cavendish shares in great depth.  There is a channelled message from the dragonfae, information on how to work with the card and the divination meaning. I have had some very profound shifts and deep clearing with these cards.  Very special.

5. Sacred rebel oracle:

This deck has big depth. Beyond perfect if you are wanting to birth a creative project. I’m madly in love with Sacred Rebels Oracle. She (the deck) is divinely aligned to your creativity. Encouraging you and I both to be brave.  Follow our heart.  Honour our unique path. Bend and change direction when we need too (something that’s not always easy).  I feel very supported and loved with Sacred Rebel Oracle.  She gives me courage.  Big courage.

The booklet has wonderful lengthy explanations on each card followed by a beautiful healing practice.  They are fabulous.  Giving the reader something tangible and real to do, right now.  You can feel the shift.  Oh, did I mention the images?  They are exquisite.

Until next time.

Flow gently my friend  xox  Carole


~  Carole Bourne ~

I am a writer. A ritual keeper. Slow living enthusiast.


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