For years and years I’ve been asked to record the guided meditations and sacred rituals I lead everyone through at my slow retreats.

I’ve hesitated.  The meditations are intuitive. Always different but some how familiar.  Aligned to the energy of the circle of women in the sacred space in front of me.  Wasn’t sure I could replicate – speaking into an empty room and oversized microphone.  It felt daunting.


But something has shifted. I simply woke one morning and felt the clarity of my inner guidance.  A calm knowing.  And now, I am thrilled to say audio meditations here we come.  Who knows, I may even record an audio version of my blog posts from now on. What do you think?

And just as I was getting familiar with my recording gear another new doorway opened brightly for me at the same time. It was the magical birth of my Sacred Rest Sundays.  One month ago Sacred Rest Sundays didn’t exist – now May is fully booked. There is much to be said about trusting inspirations that don’t appear on the radar for the logical mind.  The meditation I share with you today is a snippet from my Sacred Rest Sundays.  I recorded it for you in the early hours of this morning (one take).  I know there’s some improving to be done with my recording technique but heh, it’s a start.

My short meditation is filled with rituals on therapeutic releasing – as shown in the image above.  It’s very practical, short and simple.  And I suspect much needed by many of you today.  You may be surprised with the muscle tightness, inner clenching or excessive holding on you discover you are squeezing deep into the body.

So my friends, I imagine you all, laying down in front of me, forming a divine sacred circle.  I light a candle. Anoint your third eye with a dab of the the precious Indian sandalwood essential oil (it will take you to the safe peaceful space inside of you) and invite you to lay down, get cosy, disconnect from the outside world and turn your awareness inwards for eight precious minutes.  It’s time for a sacred pause.  You deserve it.

Let me know what you think.  Perhaps I should do more?

Sacred Rest Meditation (audio)

Duration:   8 minutes

Get comfortable:  laying down, arms out by your side, palms facing up, feet flopping out to the side, rolled blanket under knees if needed.  Yoga eye pillows, cosy socks, dark room, warm blanket and dab of vetiver essential oil on the souls of your feet can all help deepen the experience for you.

Click here for the Sacred Rest Meditation

Flow gently my friends  xox  Carole



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