“The more I follow my inner wisdom, the better I am able to care for myself, and the more things just fall into place” Shakti Gawain

Doors are portals of opportunity.  Thresholds to cross over.  Pathways to new realms of possibilities.  Cheering us on to stretch, expand ourselves, turn left instead of right, explore the bigger picture.

Of course, it’s new doors I’m alluding too here. Of the symbolic kind. New doors that we’ve yet to open. Not old familiar doors that we walk through everyday, without a second thought. Comforted by their familiar path.

Well my friends, I woke up this year and realized I have closed doors around me. I can literally see these closed doors in my minds eye.

So it’s time.

Time to grab hold of the handle, turn, take a deep inner goddess breath, push the door open and walk through.

My closed doors slowly became visible as I was searching for my sacred word for 2015.  Not one word resonated with me.  I was left dangling. They always have come so easily. What next?

At the very same time Mary Oliver, the poet entered my life.

There are no mistakes.   Divine timing is everything.

Mary talked about the closed, tightly locked doors all through her home.  And, after the death of her loving partner made a choice to unlock and open them.  Her life changed.

Voila! An instant tingle moved through my whole body. A sigh of relief from my soul.  A thumbs up from the universe. It’s not one sacred word for this year but two.  Open doors.  

This is the energy I wish to soak myself in, align with and infuse into my year ahead. I am ready to open my closed doors.

My sacred word(s) ritual:

So now my friends. each morning as I wake, I light a candle, gaze into the flame and declare to its strong clear presence “I open doors”.

It’s wildly freeing. Strangely comforting. I honestly think I’m about to grow a new set of wings. Big wings with super powers.

I don’t need to know what’s behind the doors I’m opening. It could be anything from as small as a shift of thinking I need to make. Or as big as moving house. But by creating a simple ritual around it, the next step will reveal itself. There’ll be clues. My timely life changing closed doors will appear.

In case you are interested, the first door I opened said “I am a writer”.  This scares me. Big time. The words appeared one morning as I was journaling. I did not expect this. I might write a blog but I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. I facilitate stillness retreats. Yet, as I sit here writing I am declaring to the universe “I am a writer”, albeit with a slightly nervous hand.  Lets see where my words fall. Wish me luck.

Consider this:  

I also realized I had actual real closed doors in my home.  Doors that were never opened or very rarely. So I opened them.  Walk through them daily, even if I don’t have a reason too.  I’m declaring to the universe I am willing to walk through my closed doors.

What doors in your home are always closed?  Can you open them?  What does it feel like to walk through them? Is there a change of energy around you.

Can you sense any closed doors (energetically) around you?

Ask for their contents to be revealed.

How to see your closed doors:

Invite your closed doors to become visible by doing something different.

Drive home an alternate way.  Visit a new cafe.  Wake at a different time. Talk to a stranger. Walk a different path. Buy the first book you notice. Mix your routine up.

Do something different.  Anything. Put yourself smack bang in the flow of new possibilities.

Soon something will grab your attention.

A closed door could easily be a book that will change the fabric of your life forever or a website, workshop, a retreat, healer, a friend you haven’t seen for a while.  Then, its simply a matter of opening that closed door.  Take action.

You deserve to shine brightly in this world.

Oh, and in case you haven’t found your sacred word for the year yet pop over to Susannah Conway (I mentioned her awesome book last time) and she offers a free e-course to find your word.   How perfect if you’re still searching.

xoxo Carole


~ What I’m loving at the moment ~

The Dragonfae oracle deck is spectacular.  Such clarity.  Such strong guiding energy.  And let me say I’m fussy about my oracle cards.  I’ve been collecting them for over 25 years.

Not once have I been uncertain or confused with the card I have pulled from this deck.  I’m amazed at how precise and detailed their guidance is.  And I wonder why I didn’t buy them years ago.

So my friend it is with absolute magical delight that I share the latest deck of oracle cards that have flown into my life.

Although, I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the mighty Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish


~ Recent weekly healing ritual ~

The color green nourishes our energy.

Inhale a little green energy now. Fill your whole body with her healing rays.

Green encourages us to slow down, relax and nurture ourselves.

She replenishes our energy levels and gently reminds us that new beginnings and growth are possible.

Better still go for a walk in a green park or forest. Fill yourself up with green. Eat green. Wear green. See green everywhere. Invite more green into your day.


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