“Wake up slowly. Your soul is craving space to be heard. Listen.”

Searching for the next step is often right under our nose.  Not out there.  Far away.

Sometimes the next step finds you. Even when you’re not looking.

It starts with taps on my shoulder.  Are you awake? Have you noticed?

Love notes woven throughout my day.  Words, books, visual clues, conversations.

Then comes the comforting realization.  It happens over time.

I noticed.

You know – the three taps on the shoulder theory. If something appears three times. Zoom in. Pay attention.  There’s a reason.

The next step for my life was literally right under my nose, all along.  Wow!

All I needed was to walk to my bookshelf.  Get re-acquainted with an old friend.

Enter the The Artist’s Way  by Julia Cameron.  A classic.  25 years young.

I hold the book. Feel her energy.  The heart beat of pure potential.

YES, it’s time.

TIME for daily pages again.

TIME for the weekly solo artist dates again.

How fabulous. It’s been too long.

It’s over 10 years since Julia Cameron’s iconic book came into my life. I’m sure you know it. If you don’t you are in for a treat.

Her sacred rituals of daily pages and weekly artist dates have been nourishing our planet for decades.  That’s solid.  That’s impressive. They get results. Change lives.  Replenish our souls essence.

Consider this:

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience recently.  A message whispering to you.  Silently.  In the background of your life.

Perhaps you need to notice more.

Perhaps you simply need to light a candle and ask “Please show me what I need to do next”.  I do this a lot. It’s helpful.

The Artists Way:

Daily pages:

In case you’re not familiar with The Artist’s Way here’s the short hand version.

It’s simple.

Write 3 pages every morning, long hand, without thinking.

Simply let the words spill out of your mind and down onto the page. They don’t even need to make sense.

It’s incredibly therapeutic, and although appears totally random weaves a healing vibration throughout the corners of your life.

Click here to watch a short talk by Julia Cameron on morning pages.

Artist dates:

Artist dates are assigned play, in the words of Julia Cameron.  They are enjoyed alone and done once a week.

Click here to watch a short talk by Julia Cameron on artists dates.

Click here to grab the book at amazon or borrow a copy from your local library.


~ Weekly Healing Ritual ~

When breathing is restricted and shallow your body doesn’t feel safe.

Muscles tense. Chest tightens.  Jaw clenches. You under-breathe.

The mind becomes anxious.  Thoughts race.

Know your breath is medicine.

Deepen, slow and relax your breath. Your body will soon follow. Feel safe and more in control again. xx Carole


~ What I’m reading at the moment ~

This I Know: Notes On Unraveling The Heart by Susannah Conway.

I have a girl crush on Susannah. Her words. Her writing. Her honesty.  Her rituals. Her connection to pen and paper. Her kindred spirit.

This is a beautifully crafted book.  Each chapter a personal journey of Susannah’s story. Sudden death of a partner. Writing. Photography.

An exquisite adventure that prompts you to pause, reflect and unravel your own life.

This book is a keeper.  Not one you borrow from the library or friend and return. xx Carole


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