Hello wise friend,

The back of the neck is an important sacred vortex of energy in your body.  I was first introduced to it as the 4 1/2 chakra around 30 years ago.  Now its more common to hear it called the alta major chakra.

A highly sensitive portal of energy with heightened awareness.  A clever little antenna alerting you to disturbed energies, untruths and toxic influences (think hairs on the back of your neck).

It’s also considered an entry point for psychic attacks. Even more reason to keep it clear, strong and healthy.

It’s also worth mentioning, many of us have a hyper-sensitive alta major chakra’s.  I certainly do.  Big reason why I wear a scarf often and anoint the back of my neck most days with the essential oil juniper.

Strengthen Your Alta Major Chakra:

Tune into your alta major chakra by placing your left hand gently over the base of your skull, upper neck area.  And your right palm over your third eye. Feel into her. Sense. Listen. Witness her truth.  

Does your alta major chakra feel strong/stable, fragile/vulnerable, numb or somewhere in-between?

Help keep your alta major chakra clear, strong and healthy with following options.

  • Rub one drop of the essential oil juniper into the back of your neck. Rub in a spiral motion, starting small and gradually increasing to the whole back of your neck. I personally do this most days.
  • Wrap your neck in a scarf. I do this summer or winter.
  • Wear sandalwood mala beads
  • Rub a piece of black tourmaline, in a circular motion, into the back of your neck for a few minutes before going to sleep at night.  You can even pop it under your pillow. Black tourmaline offers a powerful protective shield.  Great for psychic attacks.
  • Sun the back of your neck for 2 – 3 minutes.  Super important.

I’ve also recently discovered a fabulous energy spray crafted by the amazing Amanda Ellis from the Uk.  Click here for her alta major energy spray. I personally love and use this spray.

Flow gently my friend. xox  Carole