‘Restore integrity and flow to your feminine essence”

* This weekend retreat is full.  Dates for 2015 being released soon.


Yes, I’m coming to England.  Yippee!!  This August and September.  It’s about time I did!

Clever google analytics tells me London followed by New York are the most frequented cities  to my blog Rejuvenation Lounge in the world.  Wow!

So its only natural I spread a little more  deep rest, slow living and relaxation rituals in England.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with you in person while I’m there.  Please drop me a line, say hello, and perhaps even let me know your favourite organic cafes  and special spaces around London and the countryside. Who knows we might even have time to share a cuppa of chai together. What a wonderful thought.

Nurture The Feminine Weekend – 6th/7th September 2014:

For the past couple of years I’ve been crafting a “Nurture The Feminine” retreat.  But it simply never felt complete.  I deeply sensed a key ingredient missing.  I waited patiently (for 2 years in fact) until the answer revealed itself.   I can assure you the quality of my patience was fragile.  But divine timing is  always wise and perfectly patient.

Introducing you to the missing ingredient …. the amazing Amrit Kaur from Brighton, England (her bio below).  She’ll be co-creating a sacred woman’s space with me, on the weekend of 6th and 7th September and I’m thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!

I met Amrit at one of my retreats a few years back and her presence, essence and soul energy was extraordinary. I am beyond grateful she accepted my invitation.

Throughout the weekend you can expect to be nurtured each day with a peaceful fusion between stillness relaxation rituals (restorative yoga, therapeutic breathing, meditation) to healing movement (kundalini yoga, mantra, sound).  I’ll be facilitating the stillness relaxation part and Amrit the healing movement rituals.  A perfect fusion for softening into your true wise rejuvenated feminine self.

That aside, magic simply happens when a circle of women come together.   It is a powerful force.

Click here if you’d like to read more:   I think there’s three spots still available at the time of writing this.

See you in England.   xx Carole

p.s  Oh, if  we don’t catch up this time, know there is always the Stillness Retreat in France or the Deep Rest for Women Retreat in Spain.  

 About the divine Amrit Kaur:

amritAmrit has worked as a medical practitioner in the British National Health Service for fourteen years. She started practicing Kundalini yoga in 2007, completing her teacher training with the Amrit Nam Sarovar School based in the French Alps in 2009. The course brought about transformation and the start of her journey in connecting with divine femininity. She went on to study the Level 2 Kundalini course over the next two years.

The training helped her realise the value of including Eastern philosophies alongside Western Medicine for a more holistic patient approach. Amrit trained in Systematic Kinesiology and set up ‘Kaur Therapy’ in 2012 in Brighton, England. She uses muscle testing to allow the body to guide her as to what it needs to be in balance. She is particularly passionate about understanding the link between the mind and it’s effect on physical ailments. Amrit’s email address:  [email protected]


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bookcoverThis book is stunning medicine for your mind, body and soul.

I’m re-reading it …. again!  Whilst a novel in essence, it’s cleverly written layered with wonderful life teachings.

Imagine what life would be like if you were in fact the Dalai Lama’s cat.  Quite possibly you could become the kindest most compassionate cat in the world.

The amazing thing about this book – it always leaves me feeling calm and peaceful.  An energy oozes from it.

The Dalai Lama’s Cat is by far one of my favourite books. xx Carole


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