“Change one thing in your life, and it affects all your life”

Mantra’s are medicine.  I believe this with my whole heart.

Health mantra’s in essence are simple. Yet in reality capable of sending healing energy down into your body and even deeper into your cells.  They communicate a supportive message.

Health mantra’s comfort a worried, anxious mind. Bring the stress response down (and it’s harmful side effects) and help trigger the relaxation response in the body.  The place from which the body knows how to heal itself.

emilecoueDr Emile Coue (1857 – 1926)was an amazing French pharmacist who at the beginning of last century opened a free clinic.

He offered his clients an affirmation/mantra (or as he called it, way back then, a “conscious autosuggestion”) in conjunction with their medical treatment, that they needed to repeat at home as prescribed.

Coue believed that dysfunctional thinking worsens an illness and fatigues the body. The Coue method recommends repeating a mantra as part of his mind/body belief to support the healing process.

Dr. Coue’s clients were to repeat 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening the following mantra with a calm presence.

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”

Dr. Coue passionately believed “You have in yourself the instrument of your cure.”  I love it!  Radical thinking for the turn of the century, don’t you think?  And long before the mind/body connection was scientifically appreciated and understood.

As I’m in the process of crafting this months Global Full Moon Healing Circle and its essence is all about strengthening your health I felt the strong intuitive urge to share Dr. Coue’s healing mantra with you today.  I trust its turned up at just the right time in your life.

Rejuvenation Lounge’s Health Mantra:

And while we’re on the subject of health mantra’s thought I’d also share my personal favourite.

 “Every cell in my body is loved and healthy”

This mantra goes everywhere with me.

For over a decade it has been a constant companion and a supportive meditative relaxation ritual at all my slow retreats, not to mention in my personal life.

Below are a few options of how you can use any supportive health mantra daily in your life.  As repeating a mantra, is often simply not a one size fits all kinda approach.

Option 1:

Write the mantra onto a piece of paper and sleep with it under your pillow.  Voila!

Option 2:

Write the mantra onto a piece of paper and place your water or juice onto the written healing words for at least 30 minutes.

In case you didn’t know water holds memory.  Dr. Masuro Emoto has been sharing his scientific research behind this for years.

Option 3:

Repeatedly write your healing mantra into a notebook – as if you are journaling.  For many of us the hand, pen connection can powerfully communicate to our bodies and connect with our higher self.

Of course you can certainly combine two or three of the above options for a truly spectacular healing experience.

Know that if you don’t need to be ill to benefit from a health mantra.  Sending kind words to your body can only add to your health and vitality.  It’s something I now do automatically in my life whether I need to or not.

Let me know how you go.  xx Carole

Helpful books:

Mind Over Medicine: by Dr. Lissa Ranking.  This book is currently beside my bed. You can read my little blurb about it below.

10 Mindful Minutes: by Goldie Hawn.  Awesome book that explains in simple terms how the brain works under stress.  Everyone should know this. And how you can bring the stress response down in the body and trigger the relaxation response.

Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression by Dr.Bo Forbes

The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson.  The bodies natural healing mechanisms work magnificently when we have internally triggered the relaxation response.  

You Can Heal Your Life by Lousie Hay.  A timeless classic.  How to use affirmations to heal all areas of your life.


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