“Everything will be ok” is the mantra of the candle flame.

Gently soothe any internal agitation, worries or feelings of anxiousness.

With your calm gaze, soft eye lids and relaxed forehead, graciously accept the invitation of the flame. Allow her to effortlessly melt stresses, obstacles and negativity when you peacefully sit or lay down on your side (my favourite – in bed) and focus solely on her soft, glowing, rhythmic flicker.

Yes, my friends, candles in my world are female!  Symbolic of re-igniting our inner feminine flame.


A flame slows everything down. 

Flame gazing (candle or fire) is a simple ritual that offers you big medicine.

It’s seductive. Mesmerizing. Think – getting lost in the glow of a log fire.

Distractions magically become unimportant.  Time is irrelevant.  You intuitively know it has a cleansing and clearing effect on all areas of your life.

Whatever you were worrying about a moment ago is long forgotten. A peacefulness gradually fills you. You soon enter into a world of spaciousness and serenity.

Flame gazing also soothes tired and strained eyes from excessive screen watching and the harshness of artificial lighting.

Flame gazing is easy and divinely therapeutic for your nervous system, adrenal exhaustion, tired eyes and a busy mind.

If you haven’t tried flame gazing before, and it resonates with you, I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

Listen to the mantra of your flame.

“Everything will be ok” is the mantra of candle flames around the world.


Hear her soft whispers, guiding you to relax and let it all go with each pulsing flicker.

Let go of your day candle meditation:

A gentle flame can lull you into a blissful sleep, helping you let go of the day that’s been.

1.  Light a candle on your bedside table.

2. Lay on your side and gaze with gentle eyes, soft eye lids and a serene forehead into the flame.

3. Deepen and slow your breath.

4. Feel into the soft slow strength of the candle.  Let the flame take you on a journey dissolving whatever needs to be released from your energy. Sense a deep cleansing and clearing away.

5. Linger contently with your flame for as long as you need to0 – and then when you’re ready – blow your candle out and make a wish.  Sleep well.

Enjoy, my friend.  Looking forward to chatting with you next week. xx Carole


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