If you’ve been run down (aka over doing it), low in energy (weak defences)  or constantly in challenging environments (vulnerable), you can unknowingly absorb lower vibrations of energy.  It happens.

We get a little wobbly.  Thrown off centre.  Lose connection to our normally safe protected self. Sometimes –  unintentionally taking on  the fear, worry and/or confusion of others.  Our emotional and physical health may suffer. We are not ourselves – and we know it.

It can happen to any of us.  I am certainly no exception. Gosh, I even get zapped going into a busy supermarket! The truth is there’s harsh energies everywhere. On the tv, media, the next internet headline, places, roads, at the other end of the phone and the list goes on.


My “go to” super power (for over a decade now) is my magical bestie from the mineral kingdom –  black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is the most potent protective crystal that I know. Consider black tourmaline your personal body guard to ward off negativity and toxic debris.  Your superhero for dealing with the bad guys.

Black tourmaline even brings white light to your own negative thoughts and fears.  On a physical level helping with anxiety, depression, panic and stress. That’s impressive!

You can pop a piece of black tourmaline under your pillow, into your bra, coat pocket, handbag, add it to your bath for a healing water elixir, taped to your bottled water or next to your computer. Keep it close to your energy field. That’s the secret.

Of course you can buy jewellery made from black tourmaline. It’s a simple way to infuse your auric field with a shield of protection.

Healing practice:

1.  Pop a piece of black tourmaline between your feet whilst lying in bed.  It helps draw out toxins.

2.  Gently balance a piece of black tourmaline on your solar plexus to bring clarity and strengthen to your own personal power. Perfect again whilst lying in bed.

3. Grid your office, bedroom or home with black tourmaline. Place one piece into each of the four corners of any space.

4. I would highly recommend black tourmaline if you have been ill. Meditate with black tourmaline and invite more light into your cells.

Peace, love and crystal healing to you all xx Carole


~  Carole Bourne ~

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I am a writer. A ritual keeper. I shine light.


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