I’m about to send out Rejuvenation Lounge Retreats seasonal newsletter.

It’s bursting with some amazing new retreats like the Slow Yoga Reiki Dance Medicine retreat in Spain, which I’m co-leading with the amazingly gifted Christine Ciona (pictured below) from Kiva Studio in Canada.

There’s also past favourites  like the Slow Yoga Relaxation retreat in Tuscany.  There’s nothing quite like our Tuscan barefoot earth breathing ritual.  It’s medicine for the soul.

I’ll also be introducing you to my Global Women Circles.  I could sequel just thinking about them!

So, if you feel intuitively drawn to any of my retreats or the brand new Global Women’s Circles simply pop your name into the retreats newsletter box below and be kept in the loop for all the juicy details.  I generally send out about 4 retreat newsletters a year.

In the meantime you are welcome to check out the quick links below to Rejuvenation Lounges Retreats for 2014.

Chat to you soon.  xx Carole


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 Retreats for 2014:

Bali Slow Yoga Relaxation Retreat 23rd – 29th March 2014 – FULL

Italy Slow Yoga Relaxation Retreat June 7th – 14th 2014 – 

Bali Slow Yoga Relaxation Retreat July 20th – 26th 2014 – FULL

Bali Slow Yoga Relaxation Retreat August 10th – 16th August 2014 – FULL

* Spain Slow Yoga and Reiki Dance Retreat August 23rd – 30th 2014  

Morocco Luxury Slow Yoga Relaxation Retreat Sept. 28th  – 4th Oct – FULL

* Long weekend retreat in England 2014 – A womens only retreat. Restoring the feminine prana. Date and more details coming soon.



Introducing Christine  from Kiva Studio in Canada.

She’ll be joining me in Spain along with her hang drum pictured here.  It’s a perfect instrument for a little sound and affirmation medicine.

Click here for her web site.


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