I’m am totally bedazzled and amazed.

Rejuvenation Lounge’s January 1st, Global Healing Circle was unbelievably huge.  Thousands of people joined.  Wow!!

Well, not quite thousands but certainly hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous souls emailed to be part of the global healing circle.

I lovingly placed each and everyone of you, along with your word into the sacred healing circle as I prayed, chanted and infused the healing circle with lots good energy.

Anyway, after the huge response, I sat with it for a bit, and have decided to offer a monthly Full Moon Healing Circle.

Future circles won’t be anywhere near as big. Too much for this little bunny.  I’m so much more aligned and empowered with intimate personalised healing circles.  At the moment I’ll be inviting 45 gorgeous souls to participate at each Full Moon Healing Circle.

So if you are interested in joining any future Rejuvenation Lounges Full Moon Healing Circles you’ll need to subscribe to the list below. The next one is January 16th with the focus on nurturing the feminine.

Once on the list you’ll receive a monthly update about the upcoming healing circle and its therapeutic essence.

I won’t be sending out reminders on my blog, as not everyone who reads Rejuvenation Lounge are interested in global healing circles. So if you want to hear more about the monthly healing circles you’ll need to subscribe.

If you’re not keen to put your name on the list but still want to be in the loop click here for the Full Moon Healing Circle page.  It will be updated around the middle of each month.

xx Carole



January Full Moon Healing Circle – Nurture The Feminine.

The January 16th Full Moon Healing Circle is being crafted and activated from the sacred feminine island of Bali.  The energetic heart and soul of the healing circle is Nurture The Feminine.

It’s focus on strengthening your feminine breath, re-connecting and deepening your intuition and cleansing the womb of any past hurts.  Now more than ever it’s time to correct energy imbalances between the masculine (doing) and feminine (receiving) within us.

If you choose to join, you will be individually anointed (via distant healing) with rose oil on the third eye.  Rose oil is the highest vibrational frequency of all oils at 320 MHz.  This will help lift your own feminine vibrational frequency.

I’ll be sending out information in the next few days on how you can join and what you need to do, so please make sure you’ve subscribed to the Full Moon Healing Circle list above, if you’d like to receive more information.

xx Carole


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