“Live in a lighter body. Sigh, soften and empty”

We hold onto old hurts. Tense up with obstacles. Respond to busyness by clenching on the inside. Make no time to digest life or breathe life through us. We hold our breath, often.

Over time we become clogged. Weighted down. Overwhelmed. Tightly bound internally by the past. It shows in our face and shows in our exhausted fatigued body. A heavyness flows through us.

The above picture is the ultimate emptying posture. A physical devotion to surrendering all that burdens our nervous system, mind and life.

Emptying is a cleansing ritual.  Creating space for new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

Emptying can be gentle, simple and peaceful. Empty a little each day. Empty with each deliberate exhale. Feel the lightness that follows.

Simple rituals to empty:

Empty your lungs:

Let go of old stagnant air and stuck emotions sitting at the bottom of your lungs.

Lengthen your exhales. Exhale completely and fully.

When you think you have emptied your lungs completely see if you can squeeze a little more old stale air from the deeper corners of your lungs.

Empty your body:

Lay down (as shown in the above picture). Spread your arms and legs wide. As wide as is comfortable. Hands facing up.

Feel held by the earth. Sigh! Soften! Surrender!

There is nothing you need to do except receive the postures healing alchemy. Empty with each deliberate exhale.

If you want, inhale the breath through you. Inhale more energy through you.  Inhale more light through you.

Five minutes in the morning and five minutes at the end of the day.

Empty your head:

Go for a walk. Walking shifts your energy. Clears an overwhelmed mind.

Grab a pen. Dump words onto a page.  They don’t need to make sense or look neat. Emptying your head onto paper is incredibly therapeutic.

Empty your stuff:

Live well with less.

Start small with a draw in your kitchen, a heavy energy corner or under your bed.

Let go of anything unloved, unused, unwanted or broken. Feel a sense of lightness that follows when you clear clutter.

Empty the stimulation:

Screens stimulate. Screens demand your attention. Screens interrupt and constantly distract.

Start the first hour of your morning without screens.

Go for a day or weekend without screens.

Empty your to-do list (aka excessive busyness)

Enjoy an un-planned day.  Go wherever your feet take you.  Go wherever your intuition takes you.

Empty yourself from multi-tasking:

Slow it down a notch! One moment. One focus. One breath. One thing at a time. Your adrenals will thank you.

Give your whole attention to one thing – well.

Mono-tasking is the new black.  Multi-tasking is very last century.


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~ Carole Bourne ~

I am a writer. Ritual keeper.  I shine light.


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