“Restore you inner calm and peaceful strength”

Now is a great time to clear your energies, dissolve blocks and wash away negative vibes.  You absolutely deserve to feel healthy, alive, connected, experience divine flow and shine brightly in this world.

So I’m crafting a distant healing circle and it would be my  absolute privilege to wrap you warmly in its cleansing healing energy. The power of prayer, alchemy and distant healing has been proven many times and I’m now wondering why I’ve never offered a healing circle to you before?


So, if you’d like to be part of the the healing circle simply email me your name along with one word (first word that pops into your head). I’d be thrilled to include you.

My email address is below or you can message me via facebook.

Once I have your name, I’ll write it down along with your word and pop it into the centre of my healing circle.  After that there’s nothing else you need to do, except perhaps drink lots of water and stay open. I’ll do the rest.

Healing circle activated January 1st:

The healing circle will be actively cleansing for 48 hours starting midnight January 1st, 2014.  That way I can easily cover both northern and southern hemispheres without any confusion.

I will personally maintain the integrity of the distant healing circle.  It will be infused with any combination of prayer, mantra’s, crystals, nature spirits, sound medicine, energy from goddess’s, archangels and other ancient forms of alchemy.

If you decide to participate, a gentle continuous stream of healing energy will wash over you for 48 hours.


Thank you and other stuff like reiki dance medicine:

If you were in front of me, right now, I would look deeply into your eyes, hold your hands and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Throughout the year I’ve been deeply touched with all your emails and beautiful words. Rejuvenation Lounge has an awesome thriving community and for that I am deeply grateful.

It’s my deepest desire that we all move closer towards being our own best medicine –  one breath and one simple ritual at a time.


I’ve added a few more retreats in 2014 (Morocco, Italy and England)  and for the very first time ever will be co-leading an extra special retreat in Spain (Granada) with my soul sister Christine from Kiva Studio in Canada.  A combination of still relaxation yoga and reiki dance medicine.  It’s essence simple.  Experience first hand, how you can best be your own medicine through stillness yoga, ancient breath practices, sound healing, guided meditation, gentle movement, reiki dance, nature, nurturing food and sacred circles.


Lastly, my little book is being finished over the holidays.  Yippee!!!  It will be a bunch of small rituals that offer big medicine. It’s basically a collection of the past 3 years from my daily prompts here at Rejuvenation Lounge  and from over at facebook.  I’m uber excited!!


Snap shot from Rejuvenation Lounge  retreats:

mestillandallwhiteMe, looking a little on the serious side as I hold the space for one of my retreats this year.

There’s alot of unseen stuff that quietly goes on at my retreats.  On the surface we are breathing deeply, resting in nourishing postures and following guided meditations but internally, well, that’s where magic happens.

Your body knows exactly what it needs to do –  to return to optimum health  – when you surrender to the profound ritual of deep rest. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

xx Carole

Next Tuscany Slow Yoga Relaxation retreat June 7 – 14 2014

Next Marrakech, Slow Yoga Relaxation retreat September 28th – October 4th, 2014

Next Bali, Slow Yoga Relaxation retreat January 19th – 25th 2014


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