I love simple.  My life needs it. My soul craves it. I hear her whispers often “What would simple look and feel like now?” Perhaps you feel the same.

Less seems the perfect fit for simplicity.  And why I absolutely love the little saying that found me recently

Less is the new black.

Less is the medicinal pathway to living a life less tangled, complicated and draining.

Less of the stuff that sucks the joy out of your life.  Less of the stuff  that really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. And less of our habits and unhelpful thinking which interfere with the natural evolving flow of our life and divine purpose.

Less oozes contentment, freedom and spaciousness.

The funny thing is less also equals more.  More of what you do want and less of what you don’t. Simply perfect. Perfectly simple.

Less also equals effortless productivity. I’ve tested it. Often.  It’s my ongoing experiment. If it’s meant to happen it will whether I push hard or simply choose to hold the space for it to evolve and unfold organically. It’s a magical realisation that mixes a few simple trust rituals sprinkled with a belief in divine timing followed by a dash of patience.

Speed is not the answer to everything. Faster – quicker – more – is not the path for me. I miss the important stuff in life.

This blog post is less. Less words. One BIG message.  All you need is less.  Whatever that may mean for you.

Sending blessings your way to let go of all that no longer serves who you are today (easily and effortlessly).  Shall place you all in a healing circle for the next 48 hours. Let me know how you go.

Jingle bells. xx Carole


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