Pause. Breathe.  Repeat.”  Rejuvenation Lounge’s mantra

If you’re curious read on.  If not that’s ok.

caroleIt strongly feels like a perfect moment in time to birth a raw new phase of this blog, my retreats and my life. Big stuff!

You might be feeling change on the horizon as well.

So I started with updating my about page, exploring the essence of this blog, the essence of my retreats and the essence of me. More big stuff!  Ode to the power of reflection.

I’ve realized we’re a team (blog ,the retreats and me) traveling together through life, loyal companions, and trust we’re spreading goodness with the words we write, energy with spread, people we reach and voice we share. That’s our lofty intention.

Anyway, yesterday as I finished updating the “about” page here on this blog, I had the strong urge to share it with you. Totally random, I know!  After all its tucked away quietly in a corner of this blog that nobody reads (so google says).

But, a girls gota  honour her intuitive prowess, so here it is. Putting it out there!   Let me know what you think!


About this blog:

Rejuvenation Lounge is all about remembering to nourish ourselves, one slow breath and one replenishing ritual at a time.

Small rituals are big medicine.


It’s about adding more moments of pausing, thoughtful breathing, softer thinking, slow living and intentional rest (to balance out the crazy fast).

All with the higher purpose of untangling, coming back to our centre (hugely important), so we can be the healthiest, wisest brightest shining version of ourselves.

I hope I do this with my simple daily rituals,  regular blog posts, downloadable meditations, free downloadable manifesto (its only a few weeks away) and at my Rejuvenation Lounge Retreats in Morocco, Italy, Spain, Bali or England.


About Carole:

I’m a lover of chai tea, dark organic chocolate, hula hooping, my vintage bicycle (#itswatermelon), deep rest yoga, barefoot walking, shaking my booty (dance is medicine), and about to re-kindle my love of horse riding.


I adore being a mother of 3 rocking boys. Motherhood is such a precious gift.  I’ve held the space for my boys to grow and discover who they are over the past 10 years (on my own). And loved every minute of it. The easy and the difficult bits.

At the moment I’m living in sunny, warm Queensland, Australia with my three boys. Two are still teenagers.

For the past 20 years I’ve studied oodles (and I mean oodles) of different natural healing and spiritual modalities (and continue to do so). Love learning!

I’m a huge fan of vibrational medicine including flower essences, essential oils and gem elixirs. Most days you find me burning essential oils or spraying potions into the air.

I’m secretly addicted to my oracle cards and probably have over 15 decks at home collected over 20 years. My Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards are still my favourite after 10 years. They always hold the answers.  If I need healing, then my Liquid Crystal Oracle cards hold potency to activate the change within. Check them out.

My lifestyle now leans more towards the Ayurvedic way of living. It simply works for my body and helps keep my mind calmer.  I’m prone to having an over excitable mind so nature is my medicine and best friend along with warm oil self massage and alternate nostril breathing. Driving a car does not work me nor does busy shopping centres.

I’ve studied Relax and Renew Yoga teaching with Judith Lasater, meditation and relaxation alchemy with way too many teachers to mention and have a Diploma of Counselling.  Inner stillness is my thing.

I’ve sat in a teepee and cleansed myself in sage smoke every weekend for 6 month, learnt to read messages from nature, meditated for a day on Goddess Pele’s sacred volcano in Hawaii (she’s never far away), experienced sweat lodges with Grandfathers and the list of spiritual quests and adventures goes on. I won’t bore you.

I write this blog, the daily prompts and facilitate my Rejuvenation Lounge Retreats strongly from my intuition and through a higher guidance. I’m often amazed at the words which appear in front of me. Writing fuels my soul with the good stuff.

If it feels right in my belly I’ll write a blog post or add another retreat. If it doesn’t feel right in my belly, it doesn’t happen. Simple.

Do I get confused at times?  Of course, I’m human.


About Carole’s retreats:

Quite a few years ago now I started Rejuvenation Lounge Retreats.

I began small by offering one retreat a year as my children were very young.  I didn’t advertise or even have a business card (I still don’t).  People booked simply from reading this blog Rejuvenation Lounge or by word of mouth.

JulybaliheadsinOver the years I added a couple more retreats as my boys got a little older. People kept booking. Grateful.

As the majority of my blog readers are from America, Canada or England  I started adding European locations. Scary. Super scary. But I did it anyway. The retreats booked out.  Phew!

As of today I offer around 8 or so retreats a year in Morocco, Italy and Bali and have just added Spain, France and England. I never planned this path for myself. There’s never been a business plan.  There’s never been an advertising plan. There never will be. And its certainly not about the money. I go where the energy takes me.  The direction of least resistance.  Flow and simplicity are my foundations.  If I feel stuck. I stop. Create space for the new to arrive. I’ve learnt not to solve stuff with the mind.

My retreats, without a doubt,  are my absolute passion.  My heart and soul is infused into each and every one of them.  I can’t begin to describe the amount of joy they bring me. Around 3 or 4 weeks before each retreat I start tuning into the energy of the group. All retreats begin this way.  I open up to inspiration and the crafting of a magical retreat gradually blossoms.

I feel blessed to be doing something I love.  Learning and sharing is what its all about.

Look forward to meeting you one day soon and sharing a cuppa chai tea.

Peace, love and brand new adventures to each and every one of you, xx Carole

Know you are always welcome to email me healthylivinglounge ( @ )


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What’s beside my bed:

UK-art-of-purringVery excited to have  The Art of Purring by David Michie in my hot little hands. It’s just been released.  Yeah!

Imagine being the Dali Lama’s cat.  Learning amazing insights to life and the art of happiness.

Only half way through but reading gently and slowly.  Loving it and I think you will too xx Carole


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