Slow Your Life Mantra:

by Carole Fogarty

“Life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your smart phone”

I’ve just finished reading an fabulous book In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore.  He encourages us to re-connect to our inner tortoise. Quality over quantity. To stop marinating ourselves in the juices of speed.

My soul is happily digesting and reflecting. My mind however is hurrying to weave more slow satisfying productive moments into my life.  You’ve gota love our mind.  Fast is an addictive drug fueled by a world of instant gratification.


The mind needs to chill out. Back off!!  Stop being so demanding and bossy. Pushing us to react instantly to the constant stimulation and demands around us.  Especially screens. Argh!! The screens. Push, rush, do, check, don’t miss out.

It’s exhausting.  Gosh, I’m exhausted just writing about it.  Our energies scatter not to mention the wear and tear on our well-being and mental sanity.  Where’s the living in that?

Thought you might appreciate being reminded of a mantra/affirmation which you and I both know well ….  One step at a time.  It’s been swirling around in my head lots lately. These words have been fabulous therapeutic medicine for my body, mind and soul of late.  I’m grateful.

At the moment I wake each morning breathing precious prana and oxygen into my body and before my mind has a chance to do it thing

I inhale “one step at a time“,  I exhale “one step at a time”.

I inhale “one step at a time”,  I exhale “one step at a time”. 

I inhale “one step at a time”,  I exhale “one step at a time” infusing my day ahead with a peaceful productive calmness.

One step a time has our best interests at heart:

Repeating “one step at a time” brings me back to my breath.

Repeating “one step at a time” encourages me to mono-task and not multi-task (that’s so last century)

Repeating “one step at a time” reminds me to pause, eat and drink (yes I have a body that has needs)

Repeating “one step at a time” gets me out of my head and back into my body to feel more grounded

Repeating “one step at a time” slows my thinking

And of course the list goes on depending on how this mantra best serves you.  

Let me know what you think?  And hope to see you at one of my slow retreats sometime soon. In the meantime I’m off to enjoy some slow cycling with my brand new vintage bicycle. It’s a rockin’ watermelon.

You also might like to check Carl Honore author of In praise of slowness over at his web site.


Peace, love and slow living xxx Carole

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Beside my bed:

magicianoflhasaAfter falling in love with  ”Dalai Lama’s Cat” I have equally loved reading  The Magician of Lhasa by David Michie.

Again I learnt how to care for the mind and the benefits from looking at the bigger picture of life. We often forget.

If you’re curious about Buddhism, past lives and karma you will love this novel.  It’s steeped in accurate Buddhism wisdom and guidance.xx Carole



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