“Rituals take you to where you want to be going”

Rituals are deliberate precious moments in time.  We repeat them. Sometimes often.

They can infuse life with a reassuring purpose and spiritual essence. Other times they may simply invite well-being. A moment to pause, be mindful and digest life.

Above all they hold special meaning.   Adding goodness and kindness that you might not normally be open to receiving.

Rituals take you to where you want to be going. A loyal silent companion on your lifes journey.

Soothe yourself internally with a replenishing ritual:

The replenishing rituals below are perfect if you are low in energy, emotional, feel internal agitation, nervous system locked into hyper mode or you have a crazy busy mind that has trouble switching off.

They are simple d0-able acts of rejuvenation drawn from my Slow Retreats.

They are magical and work!  I promise! I have proof.  I have seen their nourishing effects time and time again at all my retreats for the past 10 years.

Make no mistake I am in need of them just as much as anyone else. Raising 3 boys on my own and nurturing a blog and  small little retreat business is a juggling act and exhausting at times.  I’m constantly aware at replenishing my own energy levels and nourishing my mind.  Slow tea moments is one of my favourites at the moment (and … its not as easy as you might think).

5 Exquisite Replenishing Rituals:

If you happen to have the  luxury of 15 – 20 minutes – soothe yourself internally by practising all replenishing rituals in sequence from #1 – #5.  Their calming effects will be carried long into your day.

Of course if you haven’t got time two minutes is better than no minutes.  Choose one ritual that resonates with you right now and do that.

Enjoy.  xx Carole

replenishing ritual #1


Be sensitive to your breath. There’s nothing else you need to do.

Breathing is not exclusively for your lungs. It’s medicine for every single cell in your body and greatly helps the removal of waste and toxins.  It’s also a direct pathway to soothing an agitated mind.

Your breath is a most precise and efficient medicine. Notice it often and it will serve you well.


replenishing ritual #2

Practice Pausing. An act of pure presence.

Eyes closed. Hands in prayer pose. Head gently tilting towards your heart ( greatly helps to quiet the mind).  Eye balls soft and tongue/throat relaxed. Essential!!

Breathe into yourself. Let your awareness sink inwards. Away from the outside world.

Pause. Linger. Marinate yourself in the pause.

Give yourself permission to let go and relax in the pause.  Marinate some more.

Feel space expand in and around you.


replenishing ritual #3

supportedchildsposewithglowFeeling exhausted?

Bring more circulation to your lower back.

Supported child pose is a delicious restful posture that nourishes your adrenal glands and kidneys.

Breathe into your kidneys and lower back as you allow your body to sink and spread over the blankets/bolster.

Gently surrender.


 replenishing ritual #4

Counteract the effects of slumped rounded shoulders or feeling a little depressed?

Both can leave your heart chakra deficient.

Grab a pillow or folded blanket and place under your shoulders blades.

Lift your heart.

Relax your shoulders.

Release any clenching in your neck and shoulders.

This simple relaxing posture opens your heart chakra, triggers relaxation, counteracts the effects of slouching at a desk and generally helps you feel so, so much better. Enjoy for at least 5 minutes.


 replenishing ritual #5


The Art Of Tea Pausing.

Start with a mantra ….

“I am now pausing with my cup of tea”.

Hold.  Smell. Notice. Sip. Taste. Notice some more. Savour. Linger. Repeat!

Notice nothing else but your tea.

Pausing for a slow tea moment is a an act of kindness towards yourself and your cup of tea.


replenishing ritual #5A

Sharing a personal moment with you from my week …..

In a moment of feeling “overwhelmed” this week I totally emptied my to-do list. Yes! Let it all go. Completely! Removed all the sticky notes off the wall. I’m now looking at a beautiful blank space.

In this moment I have nothing to do. No pressure. No stressing. I can inhale freely.

Think I’ll go for a walk and empty myself out even more.


Peace, love and slow breathing  xxx Carole

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