Sure its important to RELAX your BODY but its also vital to RELAX your LIFE”

Yes, unwinding your life matters.  Why?  Because you matter. Your energy levels matter.  Your health matters.  Your sanity matters. Your deserving life and precious unique journey matters.

Overly busy, excessively filled, no time, rushed, busting at the seams living has consequences.  Unpleasant consequences.  Eventually. You burst. Boooom! Leaving no space to digest life, let go, receive completely and nourish your soul.

Know, as you begin to unwind your life one small replenishing ritual at a time – things start to shift and change. I promise. Then, movement by movement – ritual by ritual – the busyness, tensions, internal feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, empty, lost, frustrated or disconnected begin to ease up.

You untangle!   You notice – space – in your life.  

Beautiful relaxing, freeing, life changing space.  We all need – space – both in and around us to live the best version of ourselves.

Space to breathe.

Space to be less serious.

Space for slow thinking.

Space for unknown possibilities.

Space for wisdom and wise choices

Space to listen to our body and its needs.

Space to appreciate who and what’s really important in life.

Space to notice, taste and smell your next cup of tea and the next and the next.

Space to receive.

Space to be curious.

Space to hear the whispers.

Space to explode our creativity.

Space to sleep deeply.

Space to adventure into new territories.

Space to let go of all the unnecessary – easily.

Space to connect more intimately.

Space for your friends and family.

Space to be the best possible version of ourselves. Whatever that truth is for us.

Unwinding helps you move gracefully towards how life can be.

In my own life I’m continuously untangling. Simplifying. But by no means am I making my life smaller, uneventful or unproductive.

Unwinding creates space for new insights and unknown possibilities to flow into my life. I welcome change. I welcome choice. I welcome spontaneity.  The intuitive urge to turn left instead of right. I welcome it all.

I recently had the crazy lighting bolt inspiration to add Marrakech Morocco  to my Slow Yoga Retreats. My mind panicked. Body tensed. Ridiculous! The doors closed even before they barely opened.  But as I un-wound from the fear and exhaled space into the inspirational moment – a lightness filled my heart.  It was at that instant I knew – it is true – meant to be.  Scary, yes!  But my spirit is willing.

Unwinding daily and inviting more spaciousness as you move through life brings with it expanded awareness – and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

Unwind your life one small ritual at a time:

Here’s a few ideas to get your “unwinding” rituals rolling.  The suggestions below focus more about “unwinding” from the inside out. Of course you can start with your outside world by unwinding your living and work space with de-cluttering and simplifying. It always works wonders.

Trust you find the short list below helpful and inspirational.

1.  Unwind by losing the seriousness:

Lose the seriousness. Find the laughter. Lighten Up!

Excessive seriousness is heavy and debilitating.  Do more fun!

2.  Unwind by lightening your load:

Continue to gently release stuff, clutter, things, habits, people, finances and situations that weigh heavy on your shoulders, zap you of energy, drain your emotions, cloud your thinking and block the flow of your life.

Be patient with yourself on this journey. Letting go is a courageous act of the spirit.

3.  Unwind your breath … always:

Start here.  It’s a must. Essential!

When your breath is unsteady life is unsteady.

Notice your breath. Notice it often. If your breath is restricted your life will reflect restriction, limitations or heaviness.

Stop holding your breath. Sink into your breath. Breathe past your collar bones. Breathe into your belly.  Feel your belly and lower side ribs expand and fill on the inhale. Spend longer on your exhale. Relax and deepen the breath.

You have approximately 26,000 breaths a day.  How many of them do you notice?

4. Unwind by letting go and getting lost:

Take an unplanned day.   Get lost!  Walk out the front door (grab a book if you need to) and go wherever your feet take you. Trust everything will be OK.

This simple unwinding habit alone is directly linked to your ability to “let go” in life.

You’ll either find it super easy or give yourself a massive list of reasons why you can’t possibly take an unplanned day and get lost for a while.

Practice “letting go” by taking an unplanned hour or morning.  You can do this!

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

5. Unwind with morning pages:

Stunning way to empty your head and write a whole lot of blah! blah! blah! onto empty pages.  The blah! blah! is so much better out of your head.

Morning pages are refreshingly freeing.  Sometimes deeply insight. Always helpful even if at times a little boring

Morning pages were created 20 years ago or more by Julia Cameron author of  The Artist’s Way

Simply write 3 pages of long hand writing first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to make sense or form correct sentences. It’s a therapeutic tool that clears the cob webs.  Julia says your 3 morning pages are a farewell to life as you knew it and an introduction as to how life will be.  

You can click here to find out more.

6.  Unwind by pausing:

The more you don’t have time for pausing the more you need it.

Practice pausing. Eyes closed. Hands in prayer pose.  Head slightly tilted towards heart.

Breathe into your heart. Breathe into yourself.  Feel into yourself.  Be with yourself.

As you soak into the pause unwinding will organically happen.  Do it anywhere, anytime. Do it now for 30 seconds.

7. Unwind with deep intentional rest:


Grab your yoga mat or a blanket.  Lay on the floor in relaxation pose.  Cover your eyes with a yoga eye pillow (deepens the experience).  Palms facing up.  Legs flopping out to the side.  Head and neck comfy with chin slightly tilted towards the heart.

Enjoy 5, 10 or 15 minutes of whole body breathing.

If you’re worried about falling asleep download the insight timer.  I love it.

8.  Unwind by “letting go” of your day before you go to bed.

Don’t take your stress, lousy mood or exhaustion to bed.

Give yourself permission to let it all go with 5 minutes of belly breathing, Ayurvedic warm oil massage, some journaling, a little restorative yoga or a meaningful mantra repeated until you feel some release.

Find a letting go ritual that works for you.

You can click here for a few restorative yoga postures.

8.  Unwind stress as it happens.

As Richard Carlson says stress is nothing more than the mind bullying the body.

Counteract the effects of stress – as it happens (or whenever you think of it), by checking in with your body and  diffusing its tight, hard, clenching, clinging, dragging, depleting energy from your muscles and other body parts.

Use your breath as medicine to dissolve.

Inhale invite softness.  Exhale effortlessly release, let go and relax.

You might like to read 12 ways to release muscle tension as it happens


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