“If you don’t want it then why think about it” Carole

What’s your faithful one word mantra that will anchor you into the energy you are keen to flow with in 2013?  One word in essence that could change your life or be your life saver.

It’s about finding one word – just for you – the real you. Your very own “sacred word” which you carry silently but confidently with you wherever you go for the next 12 months.

A one word mantra that you know in your belly and feel in your heart will change your life. Perhaps forever? Your own personal medicine in the form of a word.

Write it on a piece of paper.  Carry it with you in your wallet.  That way it’s never far from your intuitive energy field.

My one word mantra is connect for 2013 After my full moon last night it became very clear my faithful one word mantra for 2013 will be “connect”. Last year it was “gentle”.

Connect will be my loyal companion in 2013. Never far from my awareness. The more I notice this word, chant this word or write this word down the more I will witness its rippling effects.

My inner voice seems keen for me to “plug in” more deeply – into my life. Connecting with and not shying away from, stepping back from or playing it too safe.

I get a sense that when I connect more meaningful I will notice more of my life.  The small, the unseen and the subtle precious moments. I also suspect I’ll become more intimately connected to myself and the universe.

If you are interested here’s my personal notes that I journaled after the word “connect” chose me:

When I connect meaningfully I notice my precious breath

When I connect meaningfully to this moment, I am grounded, more centred and plugged in.  I am at the right place at the right time.

When I connect to my body I truly listen to what she has to say

When I connect meaningfully to my inner truth I honor my own unique path in life

When I connect meaningfully to others I really listen with my full kind awareness

When I connect meaningfully to the moment I’ll be focused on one thing at a time.

When I connect meaningfully to the moment I won’t be easily distracted.

When I connect meaningfully I notice detail.  I notice beyond.

When I connect more meaningfully to nature, I hear her wise words and feel her balancing presence. I allow myself to linger.

When I connect meaningfully to my intuitive guidance I won’t miss signs along the way.

When I connect meaningfully to another human being I’ll look into their eyes.

When I connect meaningfully to my energy levels I’ll know when I need to pause and when I need to be in motion.

When I connect meaningfully to the universal energy I let go of my fears, let go of my worries, let go of my insecurities and allow my life to flow effortlessly. I trust.

I’d love it if you shared your one word mantra for 2013.  Can’t wait to hear what they are.


Peace, love and chocolate, Carole

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