Taking time to listen to and receive guidance from my Inner Goddess I find deeply soul satisfying.  She jumps for joy when I give her the space to be heard, express her wisdom and gently guide me.  Om Shanti, she chants!  In fact if I didn’t have a connection to something greater than my continuous stream of rambling thoughts I’m not sure who I would be today.  A paler version of myself I suspect.

Of course you may prefer to call your “Inner Goddess” –  intuition, higher self, guides or the universe.  The name doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is you have a ritual around creating a deeper and more meaningful connection with your “true self” (not someone else’s expectation of how you should be – or the restricted version your own mind may have conjured up).

Hanging out with your Inner Goddess is an opportunity to connect to something greater than your physical being and become more intimate with the real you and your life’s journey here on this planet.

In essence it enriches your presence so you are able to shiner brighter.

Get connected to your inner goddess:

The best way for me to open up communication with my Inner Goddess is to sit down and do a little channeled journal writing.  Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

The guidelines are simple.  No thinking allowed.

I simply let my hand write whatever it feels like writing.  No second guessing, correcting spelling or worrying about sentence flow.

It’s about putting pen to paper without filtering and giving the inner wisdom inside a voice.

I usually start with the sentence  “What do I need to know today?” The openness of this question allows for that which I may not be aware of to come through.

I then write until my pen no longer has words to write.  Sometimes its only one sentence.  Other days is pages and pages.

The biggest challenge is usually trusting.  Trusting that what I am writing is pure guidance.  Trusting in the divine flow of my life.  Trusting with minimal fear or doubt.  I guess after a decade or more of channeled journal writing I can slip into the “trust” groove fairly effortlessly.  If I happen to feel too scattered then I simply don’t do it.

I personally find the best time to write with minimal doubt is very early in the morning when the energies are calmer, clearer and my intuition is stronger.

Give it try if you haven’t done it before – perhaps before getting out of bed in the morning – I know that works really well for me.

Sharing my recent channeled writing:

In case you are interested here’s a little of what I wrote a few days ago.  I’m sure it won’t mean much to you but for me it speaks volumes.

You also need to know it’s been a little while (about a week) since I’ve channeled my inner Goddess, hence the reason for the way it started out.

“Yes, finally you are giving me a voice.  Phew! Be still and listen.  You are right.  Don’t worry, plan or over think. Know the divine gift and timing of this – the synchronicity of it all.  Come. Dance. Play. Gather in my heart for the divine awaits in the eternal knowing that it is so meant to be. A divine powerful connection that is unbreakable, unshakable and unimaginable”

Beautiful, don’t you think?


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