“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”  Lao Tzu

Unless we doing something (no matter how small at first) the side effects of “fast-busy-stressed-no time” will not be pretty.  Enter the ritual of the “3 arrivals”.  It is the perfect antidote to help balance out the effects of fast, busy, endless pressure.

For long time followers of Rejuvenation Lounge you may remember I wrote about the “3 arrivals” years ago.  This morning, I intuitively felt that it was timely to share this awesome little sanity saving ritual with you again.  It’s incredibly easy, you feel amazing afterwards and it can be done anywhere, any time.  It simply allows you to enjoy – this moment – of your life from a more centred, calm and relaxed place.  You’ve gota love that!


7 weeks to finding the Buddha in you:

The 3 arrivals is sourced from a wonderful book called Seven Weeks to Finding the Buddha in You by Lama Willa Miller.

I love, love, love this book.

Each day Lama Willa shares a simple insight and thoughtful exercise to encourage you to live your life with more awareness.

You certainly do not need to be a Buddhist to benefit from this book.

 Meditation on the 3 arrivals:

Time taken 5 minutes:

Step one:  Arrive with your body:

Step two: Arrive with your breath:

Step three: Arrive with your mind:

1: Firstly, arrive with your body.

Give your body permission to unwind and chill out.  Get into a comfortable position, then exhale (as loud as you like) with a sigh or ahh!   Let it all go.  Use the exhale to release physical tension and stress.

As Lama Willa Miller shares this is like a mini holiday for your mind and body.

2. Arrive with your breath.

Notice your breath.   Feel the rhythm of your breath.   Let your breath breathe you.  Simply allow it come and go naturally.  Allow your breath to arrive into this moment.

3. Arrive with your mind.

Stop getting involved in your thoughts. Stop planning and worrying.  Do not think about the past or be concerned about the future.  Give yourself permission to just be.  If you do nothing the mind arrives.

As Lama Willa Miller says “Thoughts are like fish-bait.  If you stop biting at the bait, you will not get hooked.  If you leave thoughts alone they will not harm you”.

You can find Lama Willa Miller on twitter and learn more about her book by clicking here.

Practice in bed:

I first started practising the “3 arrivals” before getting out of bed in the morning and as I went to bed at night.  I particularly love doing it in bed before falling asleep as it really helped me let go of the day.

After a while I then started adding the “3 arrivals” into my day.  The most rewarding and beneficial time was before eating or drinking.  You’d be surprised how many times I’d catch myself out eating mindlessly.  What a waste of delicious tastes and smells.  Not to mention the total disrespect for the food I was eating.