If your meditation practice has been a little sloppy of late or in need of some inspiration, then you might be interested in a great meditation support tool ……  come meditation cheering buddy.  It’s an “app” for iphone, ipad and android and I am so, so loving it.

I’ve been using the Insight Timer app for the past month – curious to see if it would be worthy of sharing with you.  My research criteria was simple.  Use it daily for 30 days for my two – 20 minute daily meditation practices – get to know my way around the app and its features – plus check out the live meditation community.


At this very moment as I write there are 84 people meditating with this app around the world with the majority being in North America and Europe.  You’ll never have to meditate on your own again.

After 30 days, my insight timer app is a definate keeper- my new best friend – it’s here to stay with the added bonus I’ve made some very lovely, kind, caring meditation friends from around the world.  It’s a beautiful thing.

You might also like to know that I ended up buying this app twice, as I love it so much.  One for my ipad and then one for my iphone.  They do differ slightly in layout.

So, if you feel drawn to this app (like I was) I’ve written a brief overview below.  Let me know what you think or if you’ve found another meditation app we should know about.


10 things I loved about this app:

1. Choose between nine different sounding Tibetan bells as to the type of tone you’d like to start and finish your meditation with.  They are truely beautiful sounds.  Adjust the number of times the “gong” goes off at the beginning and end of your practice.

2. You can see who else is meditating with you “live” around the world.  This alone inspires.

3. You can receive (and send) messages of encouragement from people who have just meditated with you.  This is a beautiful thing.  You have a choice of two messages – Thanks for meditating with me – or – I like your message. You’ve gota love that.

4. Only first name and country is shown.  No one really need know who you are.  You are simply meditation buddies.

5. There is an option to be friends with other meditators.  The benefit being you can send personal messages.

6. Records stats for you.  Total monthly and weekly minutes along with days with at least one session and consecutive days.  For example the past 30 days I have meditated 22 hours and 10 minutes.  I’m guessing you might find this really, really helpful in knowing just how your meditation practice is progressing.

7. You can set yourself reminders to help you maintain a regular ritual

8. Link it to your facebook page.  Impress your friends, why not!

9. You can journal.  This is an awesome feature of the app.  As soon as you finish a screen comes up giving you the option to journal …. perfect for all those amazing insights that sometimes float to the surface in a meditation space.

10. It tells you exactly how many people are meditating around the world at any one time, who they are, how long they are meditating for and how long they have to go.  You’ll soon find there are others around the world meditating often at the same time as you.

Insight timer:

The name of the “app” is insight timer. You can click here to check it out.  There’s a free version which I’m guessing doesn’t come with the community.  For the ipad its currently $2.99 and for phones its $1.99

There’s lots of reviews and it rates a 5 star.

If you happen to be already using it I’d love to hear your feedback.  In fact any meditation stories welcome – as I’m about to start a “Meditate With Carole” skype class next month. Leave a message below or email me   healthylivinglounge @ gmail.com.