Letting go a little improves life. Letting go alot brings happiness and joy” Jim McGregor

Feel more relaxed and peaceful on the inside by simply turning 100% of your awareness inwards. Yes, give yourself permission to disconnect from the busyness around you (even if its only for a few moments) and re-direct your energy, awareness and breath inwards.

Once your awareness is gently guided away from the stimulating, overly demanding outside world – you have successfully pushed the “pause” button – on your day – and are now ready to enjoy a simple relaxation practice.

You are your own best expert of your body …….. and you know in this moment  ………… whether you are living life from your calm, peaceful centre ….. or  responding to life from a fatigued, stressed, exhausted place.

The picture shown, is one of my all time favourite restorative yoga postures, balasana.   I happen to think it’s one of the kindness relaxation practices we can offer our mind, body and life.

And, if that suggestion doesn’t appeal then I’ve shared a few others with you below.

Enjoy, my soon to be very relaxed, friends.

Calm your nerves and release the tension:

1:  Turn your back to the world: Balasana or child’s pose (pictured above) is incredibly restorative.  It’s such a simple way to calm an overcrowded mind, insomnia, call back your scattered energies back, calm your breathing and relax.

Click here for full details. I promise you’ll love it.

2:  Melt the frown and lose the clenching. Smile and release the worry.  It takes energy, lots and lots of energy to hold a tense, tight frown on your forehead.  Lose the frown and relax the skin across your forehead.  Notice how any pressure in your temples is automatically released at the same time.

While you are at it, zoom into your teeth, mouth and jaw.  Un-clench your jaw, relax your tongue (very important) and part your teeth slightly. Feel the release.  This helps enormously release facial, jaw and neck tension.  You might even notice your shoulders starting to un-hunch, relax and drop. Bonus.

Melt the frown, un-clench your jaw and drop your shoulders.

3: Ocean therapy Trust me, this is divine. Close your eyes, gently cup the palms of your hands over your ears, now listen to the sound of the ocean.  You can actually hear the waves inside your head.  Bliss. Enjoy for as long as you need too.

For an added dose of relaxation gently move the palms of your hands very slightly in a circular motion.  I personally find this little ritual incredibly soothing.

4: Rest your eyes: Eyes often hold lots of stress, fatigue and tiredness.  Give your eyes a well deserved break. Lay down, close your eyes and place a yoga eye pillow over your eyes. Allow the soft gentle pressure of the eye pillow help your eyes let go of fatigue and strain.

5: Chant “Om”: Chanting is refreshing and brings a light quality to your being. It’s incredibly therapeutic and helps clear heavy, dull, stuck energy in your body.

Take a full deep breathe in, and on your exhale gently chant om (aum) down into your body and out into the world. One om will probably last around 10 seconds or longer depending on the size of your inhale.  As little as five rounds of om can significantly calm your mind and body.

6: Alternate nostril breathing: Calm your mind and sooth your nervous system by enjoying 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing.  All the juicy details are explained in an old post of mine.  You are welcome to read it –  12 great reasons to start alternate nostril breathing.


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