“My home is filled with calm, loving, uplifting energy”

It’s important to notice how the energy in the space around you makes you feel.

Does your energy go ‘up” or “down” when you tune into the vibe of the room.   Do you feel calm or restless, drained or uplifted or simply sad and not quite right?

You certainly don’t need any special abilities to feel or sense the vibes in a room.  Your body is a clever instrument that is more than capable of tuning into how the atmosphere in a space makes you “feel”.  You simply need to place your awareness on the space and ask “How do I feel in this room”?

If you feel relaxed and supported – Great!

But what if  you feel the “vibe”  is zapping you of energy or reminding you of old sad events?  What if its filled with lots of unhappy memories or illness.

Know that its just energy and energy can be change.

For over 20 years I’ve studied and practiced lots of space clearing rituals from many beautiful ancient cultures from around the world.  It’s been my passion for a long, long time. And I still – to this day perform the odd space clearing ritual in homes and work spaces.  The rewards are endless.

Know however, there are little things you can do “daily” or “at the time” of something unpleasant happening to dissolve any unwanted vibes lingering in your personal space.  Perhaps you want to clear an argument (done this many a time with my own boys), illness, residual feelings from watching a scary movie or perhaps boost the vibes in your kitchen before you are about to prepare a meal.   The reasons for shifting/clearing and uplifting energy in your personal space can be endless.

Below are a few very simple ways you can energetically shift how any space, corner, room or even cupboard feels.

Hopefully this post will act as a simple reminder to nurture the atmosphere in your living and work space a little more.


Simple ways to shift the energy in your space:

1.  Light a stick of pure incense:

Yes, the simple act of pausing, lighting your favourite stick of incense, and sending prayers or affirmations out into the space can help fill any room with lots of good vibes.   Most morning you’ll catch me lighting a stick of incense to bless my home and the day ahead.

2.  Clap your hands or ring a bell

If you don’t have a special bell then clapping can often work just as well (by the way a Balinese Priest Bell is my favourite space clearing bell).

Clapping is an absolutely great way to break up any “yucky” energy.  I often clap into the corners, along the walls and then into the centre of a room.  The room always feels different afterwards. The clap must be crisp and clear.  If you find your claps are dull or flat then continue until the sound of your clap shifts to crisp and clear. Flat, dull clapping simply means you are breaking up some stagnant, heavy energy.  Believe me this works.

2.  Sound medicine with OM:

Chanting OM into a room has a profound effect on the energy filling it – not to mention the wonderful flow on effects to the energy channels in your body.

Personally I have always found OM a very healing sound.  Whether I OM to rejuvenate my energies or OM directly into a room –  life just feels better afterwards.

The alternate (which I often do) is to leave a Cd of chanting or OM playing continuously in a room.  Guaranteed, when you come back the energy in the space will feel different.

3.  Draw the infinity symbol:
The infinity symbol looks like a figure 8 on its side.

Clear your mind then trace the figure 8 into the four directions of your room.  I learnt this simple practice years ago from Denise Linn.

I know without a doubt it has a magical effect (much the same as saying OM)  on any room. It’s particularly lovely done into the palm of your hand and around your eyes.

4.  Cleanse  with a sage smudge stick:

For over 20 years I’ve used the purifying power of the smoke from dried white sage leaves – either loose or as a smudge stick.

If you are familiar with Native American Indians and their culture then you will know about sage.  Every Saturday for nearly 6 months I sat in a tippee and was taught North American India ways.  Before we entered the tipee our feet and body was cleansed with the smoke from sage.

Use it to cleanse your shopping, your mattress (very important), your aura, an object, computer, the car or any room, space or cupboard.

5.  Space clearing mist:

There are many flower essence producers around the world  who make essence blends to help release built up negative emotional, mental and physic energies in any environment.

As I’m in Australia, I naturally use Australian Bush Flower Essences space clearing mist.  It can be easily bought from any good health food store on on-line from their web site.

6.  Sprinkle space with rock salt:

Rock salt is used by many cultures in their space clearing rituals.   I find rock salt particularly helpful if the energy is a little more intense or has been there for some time.

Sprinkle the rock salt across the door way, corners and into the centre of the room you feel needs cleansing.  Leave for 24 hours and then vacuum up. I personally think its also a great idea to sprinkle rock salt onto your mattress once or twice a year to cleanse any unpleasant dreams, thoughts or conversations that may be lingering in the energy of your mattress.

I also (from time to time) have a pile of rock salt either side of my front door to help cleanse the energies of everything flowing into my home.

7.  Sacred symbol or images:

Sacred shapes, symbols or images can subtly shift the energy in any space.  Many of my favourite cafes in Ubud, Bali  have sacred geometric shapes like the merkaba (pictured left) hanging from the ceiling.  My kinesologist has a sacred symbol on the ceiling just about my head as you lay on his massage bed.  It helps to enhance the potency of his treatment.

OM of course, is a fabulous sacred symbol that leaves a positive energy in any room.   I personally choose sacred shapes, symbols or images intuitively.  So, go with the flow and trust your gut.