A Prayer For Protection And Guidance:

by Carole Bourne

As I return from Ubud, Bali after facilitating another Rest and Rejuvenation Retreat, my heart is filled with the beauty of prayer.  The beautiful Balinese Hindu culture offer many delicious daily prayer, blessings and offerings to their 16 main gods and goddesses.  They face east to pray, the men with legs folded and the women sit on their heels with knees bent (yes, the yoga pose of vajrasana).  Just as you wear a wedding ring as a symbol of love so do the Balinese wear a sarong and sash to show the gods they are serious with their prayers.

Staying with my Balinese family I watch them daily bless many energy locations of their family compound with flowers, dupa (incense) and holy water.   It fills me with an overwhelming feeling of being safe and protected.   I have the Hindu gods on my side.


So, whether you feel drawn to prayer or not, I know without a doubt simply being in Bali surrounded with a continious flow of prayer  - you can’t help but feel more peaceful, more centred and certainly more grounded on the inside.


You’ll also find yourself smiling more than usual.


Witnessing prayer is therapeutic, yet practising prayer I have found brings my awareness to the bigger picture of life.


I get a sense of being connected to something greater than myself – the universe, and that I am not alone.

I obviously needed to be reminded of this as the Balinese healer I visited a few weeks ago, told me whilst I was spiritually strong I needed to simply pray more for things that I want.  I can do that.

Bottom line, support from the heavens is always there, you simply need to ask.

I promise to let you know about my experience with the Balinese healer soon.  It’s a great story.


Prayer for protection and guidance:

*October 2nd is the one day of the year set aside in the church calendar to honour your guardian angels.  I actually didn’t know this but was blown away to find out I actually uploaded this article onto my blog on October 2nd.  I got goose bumps all over.

I feel quite drawn to angels and archangels.   I own lots of oracles cards many of them Doreen Virtues. So, with that in mind I share a prayer where you surround yourself from the four key directions with an archangel.

You can apply this prayer/ritual not only yourself but your home, your car and your family.  Enjoy.

Face east.

  • Call upon Archangel Uriel who resides in the east.  This is the energy of clarity, re-birth and new beginnings.  In your minds eye imagine, hear or sense the clarity that flows from the east.
  • Call upon Archangel Gabriel who resides in the south. This is the energy that supports overcoming fear. In your minds eye imagine, hear or sense your fears dissolving as you connect with the energy of the south.
  • Call upon Archangel Raphael who resides in the west. This is the energy of coming into wholeness by overcoming the opposites.  Raphael means “healer of god”.  In your minds eye imagine, hear or sense a letting go of that which doesn’t serve who you are today as you feel more whole and healed.
  • Call upon Archangel Michael who resides in the north.  This is the energy of wisdom and love.  In your minds eye imagine, hear or sense an abundance of love and wisdom flowing into you from the north.

If you are anything like me then you might like to light a candle to encourage more mindfulness.  Once you feel connected to the four directions and four archangels  imagine being soaked in beautiful white light.  If other colours come to mind, just go with those.  Sometimes I imagine being soaked in green or purple light.

Enjoy and trust in the flow of your life.


Photo by Wandering Angel


What I’m loving at the moment:

I have always felt particularly drawn to hand mudra’s as a way of bringing balance back into the body.  Simple and easy to do.  Gertrud Hirschi  deck of 68 cards are perfect for exploring the healing power of hand mudras.  Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit:


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