Next time you are laying in bed rehashing your day and feeling a little tense or agitated, why not  choose to let go of your day – before falling asleep.   It’s easier to do than you might think.

Simply chose to “let it all go” by blowing it out with a few particularly forceful exhales.   After all who wants to fall asleep with a bucket load of stress, worry or anxiety.

Clinging onto your day (if its been a crappy one) zapps you of energy and fatigues your body even more.

It’s not helpful nor is it healthy to anyone …….. especially you.

Give yourself permission to let go, release the surface tension and relax all your muscles, organs and cells.  Yes, let it all go right down to your cells.

Let go of your day by sinking and spreading:

So, as you snuggle into bed feel yourself sink, spread and relax into your mattress.

*  Sink into your mattress  … say to yourself …  I am sinking into my mattress.

*  Spread into your mattress  …. say to yourself …  I am spreading into my mattress.

*  Relax into your mattress … say to yourself ….  I am sinking, spreading and now relaxing into my mattress.

Stop squinting, lose the frown, un-clench your teeth, drop and relax your shoulders, release your tongue and throat,  let your belly flop (stop sucking it in), let your arms and legs flop.

Now become aware of just how different your body feels with this simple little one minute “un-clenching”  ritual.

Let go of your day with a forceful exhale:

An inhale is stimulating and an exhale is relaxing.  Spend longer on your exhale and your body will automatically begin to unwind.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Purse your lips, as if you are about to blow out a candle.  Pursed lip breathing helps empty your lungs and release inner tension.

Spend longer on your exhale.   Really empty your lungs.  Make a noise as you exhale.

Notice how your neck, shoulders and jaw release as you sigh and really push the exhale out.


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