Sleep Soundly In A Yin Bedroom:

by Carole Bourne

Everything in your bedroom either brings you closer – or takes you further away from a deeper and more peaceful nights sleep. A bedroom filled with beautiful yin (calm) energy will encourage a rejuvenating nights sleep.  On the other hand a bedroom filled with lots of yang (busy) energy will agitate, stimulate or cause you to feel restless.

Bottom line, your bedroom is not a multi purpose room to confuse, drain or stimulate your thinking mind. The essence of your bedroom is to encourage your mind to switch off and body relax.  It should feel,  calm and nurturing the moment you walk through its door.  Does yours ?

By simply paying attention to how your bedroom really feels today – and consciously setting an intention to remove as many yang (stimulating) items, colours, sounds etc. you will without a doubt notice a difference to how you sleep. I have witnessed this first hand so many times back in the days when I taught Feng Shui.

What your bedroom is not:

So, lets be clear.  Your bedroom is not a multi purpose room – with a mish mash of calm (yin) and stimulating (yang) energy.

Your bedroom does not double up as your office. Way too stimulating for your mind at night.

Your bedroom is not a gym or exercise room.

Your bedroom is certainly not a space to hide your clutter (particularly under your bed).  Clutter creates a  very draining and confusing energy to be sleeping in.

Your bedroom is not the place to charge your electrical gadgets, keep a TV or fill with electrical appliances.  In fact there should be absolutely no electrical appliances within arms reach of any part of your body - particularly your head. All electrical gadgets including mobile phones are stimulating. They beep, flash and demand our attention.   Only keep the absolute essential electrical items (e.g lamp) in your bedroom.

A busy, over crowded bedroom is very yang and can fuel a restless nights sleep.

How to get more relaxation into your bedroom:

Basically anything that catches your eye and stops your mind from switching off and relaxing needs to go.  It can be a very personal thing.

  • Start by clearing the clutter
  • Simplify and relocate excess furniture and nik naks
  • Aim for peaceful colours
  • Are all your images calming?
  • No TV
  • Do not sleep near your power box – good research shows it can interfer with your immune system
  • Simplify your bedside table – lose the huge pile of books – I know you have them
  • No mobile, computer etc.
  • Move the work papers and bills
  • No exercise equipment

Do I sleep well, yes.  My bedroom is very simple and minimalistic.  I need it, and like it that way.   My bedding is white which I find a very peaceful.

We are all different so its simply a matter of looking at and really feeling the energy in your bedroom and notice what might be contributing to keeping you awake.

So, if you are not sleeping well, start by clearing your clutter, eliminate the yang (stimulants), simplify the room and infuse with calming essential oils such as vetiver and lavender.

In addition I can highly recommend  10 minutes of “legs up the wall” at midnight.  It helps me enormously on those nights when my mind just wont switch off.  You might also like to read a post from my archives “Get out of your head”

Thank you to pedro rebelo for the photo


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Liat March 9, 2011 at 5:52 am

Fantastic tip, as usual! Thanks so much for sharing – not only the concept, but also practical tips on how to achieve it. I just wish you had a “share” button on your posts so I could more easily share your great posts! You could use the WP plugin “Sharedaddy” or others… Thanks again!


Student Pharmacist March 10, 2011 at 7:31 am

Great tips, thank you so much. I am going to try some of these and see if it helps me sleep better =) I really enjoy reading your blog!


Clare March 15, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Firstly I love your blog and find all your posts like rays of sunshine :)

I live in a small sharehouse in the inner city so my room pretty much has to do it all for me as it’s the only space I have that is mine.
While I would love to have a separate place to studyand keep my desk,laptop,phone etc I just can’t at the moment. I am suffering from poor nights sleeps finding it hard to wind down and waking frequently throughout the night and often wake up tired. What would you suggest I do? Any tips would be great!

Love and light. Clare


agnieszka April 5, 2012 at 5:31 pm

Hello, if you could please point me to the good research that says sleeping next to your powerbox is dangerous to your immune system that would be great. COuld you please email it to me? Thank you.


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