What you chose to think, do or say in the next 30 seconds may influences the entire mood of your day”

This is not a very long post and it doesn’t need to be.   Its a fabulous little trick I learnt last year at a yoga therapy training program with Judith Lassater.  It was also hugely helpful at a recent course I did called Physiological First Aid with Lifeline.

For me it was one of those “light bulb” moments.  Its all about “the art of listening” and truely receiving the words being communicated to you.

Your body offers a simple gesture that  then triggers your mind to listen attentively.  It also clearly shows the other person you are fully present with their words.

When someone is speaking to you simply clasp your hands together – preparing your body and your mind for the act of listening.  You are cleverly switching from talking, doing or living in your head mode to listening mode.

* No answering the person in your head.

* No interupting half way and finishing their words for them.

* No dismissing their words with weird facial expressions

* No multi-tasking at the same time

* No yawning

* No looking around

Be in the moment and listen fully by clasping your hands together and switching your focus to the act of listening.

You might also be interested in a great little book called  What We Say Matters: Practicing Nonviolent Communication


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