“Most illnesses creep in when you are not present in your body. The more consciousness you bring into your body the stronger your immune system becomes”  Eckhart Tolle

When we are not grounded our mind and body are split.  We live in our heads.   Our body is neglected.  We clench, hold our breath and forget to breathe.

Tension, anxiety and stress gets trapped in our body.  We lose our ability to receive vital nourishment from the earth,  switch off from our intuition and find it difficult to complete tasks (we jump from one thing to another without really finishing anything).  Basically our energies are scattered and all over the place.   We are leaking energy everywhere.

On the other hand when we are grounded we are “plugged in”.  Our mind and body are one.

Our breathing is more relaxed and even.  We tend to feel soft, still and anchored on the inside.  We are less reactive to the world around us. We are connected equally to both our inner world and outer world at the same time.

Energy flows easily from our head down to our feet and back up again.  There are no road blockages at the neck, shoulders or stomach.  Thinking is calmer and clearer.

Simple grounding practices:

“The more you give the weight of your lower body into the earth the more gravity will create an upward lift through your entire torso”  Donna Farhi

Think feet, legs, get away from the concrete and find some nature, eat, take regular breathing breaks, breathe into your heels, stay hydrated, remember you have a body, massage your feet, jump up and down, squat,  exercise, go for a walk, spend time in nature, walk away from technology, hug a tree, look at the clouds, sky, sun and moon, feel the air.


1:  Eat grounding food:

If I skip a meal or forget to snack throughout the day, then I quickly become ungrounded and float away with the fairies.  Good healthy food helps ground and centre me. I need to snack.  Having said that too much fruit is definately not the most grounding food in the world for me. Very cleansing but not very grounding.  Protein works the best and food that grows in the earth – sweet potato, beetroot, carrots.  Warm or cooked food is also more grounding (for me at least)

2:  Breathe into your heels:

Breathing is not just for your lungs its for your whole body.

Connect to the earth.  Next time you walk consciously breathe energy up from the earth and feel it flow up your legs, through your body and into your head.  Exhale back down through your body, legs and feet.

3:  Jump up and down:

Simple.  Jump up and down – stomp – dance.

4: Stand evenly on your feet:

Anchor yourself into the earth. Ground your feet into the floor.  Make sure you include your heels.

Feel your  heels and toes evenly connect with the ground or floor surface.  Feel the weight on your body sink into your legs, heels and feet.

Make sure you are not tilting forward or leading with your head (head in front of shoulders).  Head rests over shoulders, shoulders rest over hips and  hips rest over ankles.  Stand on your bones as Judith Lassater would say.

5: Squat:

Squatting lets you know you have a body.  Helps open up your hips and shifts the frustration.  It brings you closer to the ground and can help you activate your base chakra.

6: Go outside:

Get away from the concrete and man made environment.  Step outside.  Focus on nothing else but the trees, plants, grass, sky, wind and all the other elements of the natural environment you are in.  Breathe nature into your body, see, hear, smell and touch mother nature.  Nature is a natural de-stressor and will help bring you back to your centre.  Use your lunch and tea breaks to find your pocket of peace in nature.

There’s also lots of research to show that having a plant on your desk can help reduce stress.

7: Massage your feet with warm oil:

Simple yet quite magical.  It works a treat for me.  Warm almond oil massaged into your feet helps calm your nervous system and ground your energies.

Even a few drops of  the essential oil vetiver massaged into the souls of your feet is incredibly grounding.

8: Lie on your tummy – crocodile pose:

Not sure why this works a treat for me – but it does .  You can check out crocodile pose by clicking here.

9:  Strengthen your base chakra:

Feeling ungrounded, spaced out or not “in your body”?   Then your root chakra may be blocked. Stimulate your root chakra with exercises that require the lower part of your body: whether running, walking, squatting, doing floor exercises or dancing. Eat red food, wear red undies.

The single most important vegetable for grounding are beets (beetroots) as they are born within the earth and carry the colour vibration (red) necessary for grounding.

Advice given by Dr. Deanna Minich. Thanks Deanna.

10:  Stay hydrated.

Get hydrated.  If my children are not hydrated they are spacey, vague and just not with it. Carry a water bottle everywhere with you. Ideally sip every 15 minutes particularly if you are on the computer. Easy to do in summer a little more effort needed in winter.

11:  Go barefoot:

Earth yourself by feeling  grass, dirt, pebbles or the sand on the souls of your feet.  When was the last time your feet touched real earth and nature?

12:  Exercise its grounding:

Exercise is very grounding. Walking is perfect.

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