“If you don’t want it then why think about it”

Have you chosen your personal power word for the year ahead?  A word that becomes your faithful mantra for the year ahead.  The more you notice your personal power word the more you become it.

Its all about finding one word – just for you and no body else.  Your very own “power word” that you carry silently but confidently with you wherever you go.

You might sing it, write down, sleep with it under your pillow or simply say as a prayer before you get out of bed in the morning.

It’s one word you feel passionate about.  Feel connected with.

One word that resonates deeply with you. One word for the year ahead, that really speaks to you – the real you.

One word that brings you back to your centre and gently nudges you – when needed – “Is this what you really want to be thinking, feeling or doing at the moment?

One word, that in essence could change your life or be your life saver.

Gentle is my power word:

The more I notice the word gentle – the gentler I become.

By thinking or silently repeating “gentle” (often) I’m trusting it will help me stop – freaking out, rush, talk quickly, worry unnecessarily, stop making silly mistakes, feel disconnected, only half listen, do too much at a cost, get exhausted – and the list goes on.

My year ahead infuse often with the essence of gentle should look a little like this – Wake gently, breathe gently, shower gently, eat gently,  think gently, talk gently, work gently, organise gently, breathe gently, cook gently, shop gently,  listen gently, rest gently etc.

If I’m being “gentle” with myself then I know without a doubt that I’ll feel more grounded and centred, be able to live more in the present moment and generally feel calmer and more relaxed on the inside.

Of course I’ll still be busy, doing and achieving only this year but it will strongly woven with the energy of gentle. I wonder what new experiences and lessons “being gentle” is going to show me this year.  Bring it on, I say!

What’s your personal power word for the year ahead?

I’d love to know what your personal word for the year ahead is.