“I release the past with ease and trust in the process of life” Louise Hay

I know for a fact, when my home feels light and uncomplicated, my thinking is clearer, energy levels improve (always), creativity flows and intuition is strong.  Life simply flows with greater ease – and you’ve gota love that.

If you feel stuck, flat, overwhelmed, indecisive or life is simply not moving in the direction you’d like, there is absolutely no better solution – on this planet – than a healthy dose of clutter clearing.

Believe me, it shifts your life.  It’s without a doubt one of the best therapies in the world – to catapult you out of a rut and shoot your life forward. Or, put another way, get you out of the pot holes and onto the super highway.

Clear out the old and make way for the new:

Clearing clutter simply creates the space for new energy to fill your home, and with that comes new health, new thinking, new beginnings, new opportunity and all sorts of new possibilities.  Not to mention the contentment that flows from living in a fresh, uplifting environment that encourages you to take a deep breath, enjoy life and go with the flow.

So, my instructions to self for the beginning of this year  – simplify, eliminate and go gently.

Remove At Least 20% Stuff From Each Of Your Rooms:

If you are really keen to welcome new possibilities in the year ahead then I would enthusiastically suggest removing (at least) 20% of stuff from each and every one of your rooms. This includes the garage and storage spaces off your property.  Sorry about that, but if you own it, you are energetically attached to it.

Sell, give-away or throw out anything (that means anything) that is:

  • unloved
  • unused
  • broken
  • expired
  • doesn’t fit anymore
  • missing parts
  • haven’t used in the last 2 years
  • it’s someone elses
  • associated with unhappy memories
  • from old toxic relationships

How To Find Your Cluttering Clearing Groove:

Find a time of day or night where clearing clutter flows easily for you. Mine is the morning, but yours might well be at night when the house is quiet.

If that doesn’t work for you here’s a short list of suggestions and recommendations that might give you the boost you need.  It’s time for your clutter to be afraid – very afraid.

1. Starting is often the trickiest part.  I wrote an article earlier this year Simple solutions when you can’t shift your clutter. You might find it helpful.

2. Make it fun by playing a clutter busting game. Click here for all the details.  A few years back I pretended I was about to move overseas – wow – eliminated and simplified lots of things in my life.

3. Start by removing stuff that really zaps your energy.  Try the energy up, energy down exercise. Stand in front of your hallway cupboard, does your energy go “up” or “down”?     Often, without realizing there can be certain areas and objects in our living space that can subtly deplete us.

4. Start small, start with your kitchen draw.  You can also watch a great one minute clutter tip about your kitchen draws by Peter Walsh click here.

5. Buy a book to keep you motivated.  The book I’ve been recommending for well over 10 years now is – Clear Your Clutter by Karen Kingston.

6. Unclutterer is a great blog with loads of ideas for getting organized and simplifying your work and home spaces.

Sometimes its not the clutter:

If a rooms feels stuck or heavy (and there literally is no clutter) it can simply mean the room or space needs re-arranging or a space cleansing.

Changing the layout of a room can be as good as a holiday and great for getting the energy moving and uplifted again.

Click here for how to space clear the energy in your home.


Beside my bed:

If you are struggling with health issues, I have a feeling you will love this book.

I’ve borrowed it twice from the library and will now be buying a copy.  Some books are simply keepers to delve into from time to time for their pearls of wisdom.

The biggest highlight for me was being reassured that our bodies natural healing mechanisms work magnificently when our bodies have internally triggered the relaxation response.  This research is a perfect fit for my Slow Retreats.  xx Carole

Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself by Dr. Lissa Rankin