Just For Today Pay Attention To Your Body:

by Carole Bourne

” It is safe for me to care for myself”  Louise Hay

When was the last time you thought about your body?  Not how it looks – but about how it really feels on the inside. And when was the last time you did something about it?

As I woke up this morning I thought – “Just for today I’ll put time aside for my body. I’ll even  write a “to-do” list just for my body, things I’ve been avoiding, putting off or changes I’d like to make”.

Today’s the day to direct more acts of kindness towards your body.  Why?  Because you can and I’m guessing that you really need too.

Remember your body:

Simply remembering you have a body is a good, no its a great start.

Be more aware of what you are hearing,  seeing, tasting, touching or feeling.

Tune into your muscles, perhaps any aches or pains.  Are you thirsty right now, hungry, need to move, stretch or simply feel like some fresh air?

Hows your posture?  Are your shoulders hunched? Are you frowning? Is your jaw clenched?  Do you need to un-clench a little?

Are you breathing?  Of course you are, but are you breathing into your belly or is it restricted and shallow?   Can you calm your thinking by releasing tension in your throat and tongue (it works)?

Paying attention is the first step, listening is the second step and taking action is the third step.  Easy.

To help us both (you and I) send a little more love and kindness to our bodies I written a list.  The first few are mine and the others from friends and family.

Just for today I will:

Just for today I will make an appointment to get my bloods tested (minerals, iron levels etc.)

Just for today I will go into a health food store and buy those nutritional supplements I’ve been meaning to buy

Just for today I will sit by myself for 15 minutes and enjoy the stillness and silence.

Just for today I will go for a walk in nature

Just for today I will cover my ears, close my eyes and really listen to my body

Just for today I will eat a healthy lunch

Just for today I will make an appointment with my optometrist, doctor, naturopath, bowen therapist or with whoever you know you need to visit

Just for today I will look into the mirror and ask myself   “What is it I need most today”

Just for today I will switch one skin product to a healthier chemical free option – perhaps your toothpaste or lipstick.

Today I will find more ways to move.  Walk to the shops, take the stairs.

Just for today I will enjoy my breakfast sitting down and away from technology

Just for today I will enjoy 15 minutes of restful yoga

Just for today I will by a health magazine and learn more about my health

Just for today I will find a yoga or tai chi class nearby that I can go to weekly

Just for today I will enjoy at least 3 breathing breaks and release some surface tension

Just for today I will carry healthy snacks around with me and a bottle of water

Just for today I will not drink soft drink or caffeine

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