“Imagine a more relaxed version of yourself”

I feel its timely for myself (and perhaps you as well) to check in with our bodies and notice any clenching or tightening – anywhere – even fingers or toes.  It’s a simple ritual, that only takes a few moments to un-clench – right here – right now.  Ah! I can feel you all un-clenching the tension in your neck and shoulders right now.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that clenching your muscles totally blocks healthy energy, blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

It simply restricts your breathing and deprives your cells and  brain of valuable oxygen.

Clenching keeps tension, stress, anxiety and worries trapped in your body.  Clenching stops you from letting it all go and living life lightly.  Clenching is you unknowingly tightly holding on to the past.

What to un-clench first:

So without further a do, here’s a few easy peasy ways you can unclench your body right now – no excuses.

1: Start by un-clenching your shoulders. Tight tense shoulders restrict blood flow to the brain. Slumped, rounded shoulders cause the chest to sink and  your heart chakra to become deficient.

Relax your shoulders,  roll your shoulder blades back and down, create more space in your neck and lift your chest.  Now doesn’t that feel better.

What to unclench next:

2: Un-clench your brain.  Relax your tongue and throat and you’ll be relaxing your brain, as there is a connection between the tongue, throat and the brain.

3: Un-clench your jaw. Part your lips and teeth, slightly. Did your jaw release tension and soften? Did your tongue and throat relax? Did your shoulders un-hunch and drop?

4: Un-clench your breath. Have your ever tried an “echo” exhale?..…. Exhale slowly and fully …. Pause….. Then exhale again…….There is always a slight residue left in the lungs.   In that residue is to be found the sludge of toxins and stale air. Exhale further, let them go and experience and more relaxed breath.

5: Un-clench your stomach with Crocodile pose . It’s a great restorative yoga posture for finding out how you are really feeling and identifying any tightness or stuck feelings you have in and around your stomach area. Lay on your tummy and rest your head on your folded arms.  Breath into the front of your body and let it all go. Ahhh!, now doesn’t that feel better.

6:  Un-clench your heart. Come back to your centre and relax your core. Place both hands over your heart, close your eyes and feel the inhale and exhale of your next 10 breathes. Ask your heart to relax.

7:  Un-clench your buttocks. Tighten your hips and buttock muscles now. On the exhale …… release and relax the muscles …… can you feel a difference?  Were you clenching your buttocks, holding onto frustration and blocking the flow of energy down into your legs?

8:  Un-clench your thoughts. Place one hand on top of your head & the other on your belly. Close your eyes, now hum. Feel the vibration and movement of your hum as it flows from your stomach to your head. Continue until you feel the energy shifting and a calmness fill your thoughts.



~ What I’m loving at the moment ~

Well my friend I know the Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson have been around for about a decade now.  I’ve played with them on and off over the years digitally (they are free on-line) but I was recently searching for an oracle deck that was simple and focused on one word with one truth for my recent Slow Rest Retreat and so I purchased this beautiful deck.  I love this deck. It’s a caring and gentle new addition to my always growing oracle collection of 30 years.


~ Carole Bourne ~

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