When Overwhelmed Ask Yourself This Question:

by Carole Bourne

“Your distractions are not in charge, you are”

Feeling pressured, overwhelmed or confused?  Then pause for a moment, breathe and ask yourself an incredibly therapeutic, yet refreshingly freeing question.

It’s a question that will help you let go, call back your scattered energies, disconnect from whatever you need to disconnect and bring a peaceful moment of clarity into your day.

Now is a great time to ask yourself  …. “What’s essential?”

Technology, and the busyness of life can swiftly hijack us all into spending our time – doing and thinking – about stuff that isn’t really essential to how we want to live our lives.

What a waste of time, energy and effort that is.  

Question your life – its a healthy habit:

Whats essential” is a great question to ask, anywhere, anytime.   It opens the door for all the unnecessary to disappear so you can re-focus on what’s really of value to you.

Use this question any way you want -  as a sanity saver – problem solver -  journal question or simply as a compass for your life. Whatever your motivations, I’m guessing it will make a difference to the flow of your day and the flow of your life.

I was introduced to this fabulous question at a 4 day therapeutic yoga teacher training program given by the awesome Judith Lasater from California, America.

Judith started the training by discussing the value of asking ourselves the question ….. “Whats essential”?

I am indeed grateful and deeply appreciative of Judith’s wisdom and soaking myself in her presence for 4 days.

Hearing the question ….. “Whats essential?”  was one of those light bulb moments for me.  Trusting it resonates with you as well.

More useful questions to ask yourself:

And while we are on the subject of helpful questions I thought I’d also share some other questions which I’ve chatted about before.  Who knows, you might find one that really resonates with you today.

1: Before you start your day or as you are about to begin a new task, ask yourself   “Am I ready”?

2: A great question to journal I feel most connected when …..”

3: Asking yourself   “What do I really, really, really want”? is one of those questions you can’t hide from.  It asks that you stop, dig deep and take some time out to get to know the real you all over again. And yes, it is one of my favourite bits from the book Eat, Pray, Love.


Photo by pedrosimoes7

What I’m loving at the moment:

If you haven’t read any of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books at least read this one.  The Miracle of Mindfulness oozes gentleness.  When you hold it you feel gentle when you read it you feel gentle. Lots of lovely simple examples of how to be more mindful in every situation of your life.

The Miracle of Mindfulness: - An introduction to the Practice of Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh


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