“I choose to respond to today by breathing and not stressing”

Stress simply distracts the body from healing itself.  Don’t let stress be the number one focus for your mind and body.

Counteract the effects of stress – as it happens (or whenever you think of it), by checking in with your body and  diffusing its tight, hard, clenching, clinging, dragging, depleting energy from your muscles and other body parts.

You only need a momentary shift of focus to give your body some light relief.

12 ways to release muscle tension (on the spot):

1: Part your lips slightly: The simple act of parting your lips ever so slightly can create an amazing release for your jaw, neck and throat area.  When you part your lips its very difficult to grind teeth, clench your jaw or purse your lips.  In fact, if you are anything  like me you won’t realize how much stress you hold in your jaw area until you part your lips slightly and feel the difference.

2:  Relax your shoulders: Tight tense shoulders generally bunch up around your ears, restrict the flow of blood to your brain, round your shoulders and even sink your chest.  Un-hunch your shoulders, spread your collar bones, lift your chest and relax your neck and jaw.  Now, feel the difference.

3:  Draw a figure eight into your palm: Distract yourself from stressing and shift your thinking by tracing a figure -eight onto the palm of your hand.  It’s bliss.   Another lovely place to draw the figure is around your eyes.  Very soothing and relaxing for your whole face.

4:  Grab your ears: Pinch your ear lobes between your thumb and index finger. Holding a firmish grip allow the weight of your arms to pull your ears down.  If you are holding lots of tension in this area you will notice instant relief as pressure is released from your head, your neck lengthens,  your shoulders relax and you feel lots more space in this area of your body.

5:  Face yoga – stick out your tongue:  Lions pose is great for releasing tension and frustration held in your face and upper body area.  You literally stick out your tongue as far as it will go and then roar like a lion.  Releases oodles of frustration, tension and stress.  If roaring like a lion is not your thing then pretend you are Gene Simmons from Kiss.

6:  Remember to breathe: When stressed we often hold our breath which traps tension in our muscles and body.  Remember to breath. When the breath is unsteady, everything is unsteady. Dr Weil says “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly”.

7:  Chew your food longer: Yes, its true.  Chewing your food is a natural relaxant.  As David Wolfe says “A natural de-stressor is to chew your vegetables.  It releases four times more serotonin”.  Serotonin is often known as the molecule of happiness.

8:  Spend longer on your exhale: Your inhale stimulates and your exhale relaxes.   Use your next exhale to release tension and put a healthy distance between you and whatever is stressing you out.

9:  Rest on your  yoga bolster (code for big pillow): If you have the luxury of resting on your yoga bolster for a few moments – then do it.   Laying down and lowering your head triggers relaxation in your body.  If you don’t have a yoga bolster then 2 or 3 blankets rolled together are perfect for you to rest in a restorative yoga pose such as, supported childs pose.

10:  Chant Om: Chanting “Om” creates vibrations inside your mouth that are similar to striking a gong.  It’s great for releasing tension in the face, neck and upper body. Chanting om (aum)  is refreshing and brings a light quality to your being.  I find it a wonderful relaxer.

11:  3 rounds of alternate nostril breathing: This has to be one of my favourites and I have to say works every time for me.   Alternate nostril breathing relaxes your whole body.  It soothes your nervous system, calms an agitated mind, your emotions and relaxes stressed breathing.   Click here for simple instructions on alternate nostril breathing.

12: Belly breathing for instant relief: Do you hold stress in your stomach area like me ?  Then use your breath to dissolve any tightness and tension.   Place your hands on your belly and feel the rise and fall of your tummy with each inhale and exhale.  Continue until you feel it soften, open up and relax.  Ah! now doesn’t that feel better.  It’s impossible for a soft relaxed tummy to hold tension.

More ideas for stress relief:

When I’m super stressed the herb passion flower works wonders for me, you can read more about this herb in a previous article called 3 potent natural herbal sedatives.

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