Re-balance Your Day By Checking In With Yourself?

by Carole Bourne

Practising moments of mindfulness, can really influence the flow and content of your day.  In fact, I believe the more moments of mindfulness the happier, more satisfied, present and clearer you will become.

One way to practice a moment of mindfulness is to pause, ask yourself one very key question (shared below) and check in where you are at.   Of course when you choose to check in with yourself, you’re actually checking in with the real you.  The real you, whose often well hidden behind the louder, pushy, over thinking mind.  So a few rounds of belly breathing may be needed to feel the pause – and move your awareness past the crowded thoughts.


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I’ve pinched this wonderful question from Sarah Wilsons blog who in turn borrowed the idea from Montessori schools.   The question really spoke to me.  I feel its the perfect mindfulness practice when I’m about to shift my focus from one task to another.  Its sort of a variation on the “3 arrivals” which I’ve written about before.

Stop, pause, then ask yourself “Am I ready?”

So, after ready Sarah’s blog,  I’ve been dutifully asking myself  “Am I ready ?”  throughout my day.    “Am I ready to write this blog article?” or before I get out of bed  “Am I ready to go with the flow today?” or  just before the kids come home from school  “Am I ready to fully listen to my children this afternoon?” or  “Am I ready to give my full attention to ………?” or “Am I ready to stop doing what I’m doing?”

The last question I have to tell you is a fabulous one when random thoughts pop into my head like – quick go check facebook now or quick go check your emails now.  This simple little question (“Am I ready to stop doing what I’m doing?”) has prevented me (so many times) zippy off into the world of internet/life distractions.

The power of staying plugged into yourself:

The question “Am I ready?” is such a simple way to bring all your energies into the here and now (without the mind worrying about the past or future).  It’s a sacred 30 seconds of your time to re-assess, re-focus, walk away from, take a breather or do whatever feels absolutely right for you, now, in this moment.

I’ve also found its a fabulous way to slow down the speed of my day, direct more energy to my internal world (rather than my external world) and deliberately invite more balance into my day.


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