“You feel connected to something greater than yourself when you are aware of your inner stillness”

The simple ritual of connecting to the stillness inside of you ( no matter how small or hidden it may be) creates the connection for a more balanced, peaceful, calmer feeling to fill you.  You plug into yourself more authentically and deeply as your life flows with greater ease and less agitation.

There are many ways of connecting to the stillness inside of you.  Here’s few I’ve written about over the years.

The gifts of inner stillness:

“I feel still.  I feel rested”

Following are some of my personal realizations when I feel, breathe into, and then rest with my inner stillness.  Oh, by the way, my inner stillness has a location – in and around my belly area.  Some days it may be well hidden but often, after a little deep breathing I can soon sense it again.

1: Stillness is the quiet place inside where the mind doesn’t interfere, argue or confuse you.  Decisions are easy.  You have clarity.

2: Stillness brings you back to your true centre.  You are fully present with yourself.

3: Simple solutions often arise easily when you rest with your inner stillness

4: Being with your inner stillness allows you to digest life

5: You can tap into your inner stillness anywhere, anytime and any place

6: Stillness helps you trust in the flow of your life.

7: Feeling your inner stillness helps you “let go” of worry

8: Stillness offers a clear connection to your intuition, your gut feelings. You have a calm knowing.

9: Stillness allows big problems all of a sudden seem small

10: Stillness gives your body breathing space to release stress, worry and agitation

11: You feel connected to something greater than yourself when experiencing stillness

12: You learn the valuable skill of letting go by resting in stillness

13: Stillness teaches you that you have the strength for any situation

14: Stillness puts a healthy distance between you and the external stimulation of a busy world

15: Your body quickly starts to replenish as the immune system and nervous system are nourished by focusing on the feeling of stillness

16: There is a feeling of being totally safe and protected when you feel your inner stillness



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