Guest post by Deanna Minich Ph D, CN

“Our relationship to food and eating is symbolic of how we approach every – thing else in our lives”  Deanna Minich

In essence, in this day and age, we are eating the “energy of fast” and getting indigestion, becoming overweight, and falling out of balance and harmony with our bodies.  Overthinking can be like eating non-stop from an infinite buffet where there is no time to digest the thoughts getting stuffed in.  It’s no wonder we get mental indigestion (otherwise known as stress and fatigue !).

If you are aware of the more recent emerging theories within quantum physics, what you have gathered is that we are more than our physical bodies: we are a blend of both dense matter (the slower energy body) and fine matter (mind, emotional body, soul).

Our less physical, tangible self may be able to process the chaotic flux of energy, thought, and emotion to some degree, but our body moves slower. And, the greater the gap between our body, mind, emotions, and soul, I believe, the greater the occurrence of symptoms, and, ultimately, diseases. For example, thoughts translate into matter, it’s just a matter of time. That is why visualization techniques are so powerful. If we continually visualize an outcome, there is a high probability that it could occur compared to not visualizing it.

But what if you have cluttered thoughts piled in your mind – how do these manifest? As disordered physiology and scattered psychology? It is highly likely, in my opinion.

Symptoms of living fast:

The unearthing of issues of the 21st century such as:

* adrenal fatigue

* chronic fatigue

* non-specific pain syndromes

* rampant indigestion, bloating

*food intolerances

All of the above may be simply a deficiency of not the “taking in” but the lack of “reflection and contemplation”, the scarcity of the slow.

I predict that if we had ingestion in equal measure to that of assimilation, we may be able to harmonize our body, mind and spirit in a way that resonates optimal, vibrant health.

5 ways to balance the energy of fast in your life:

1: Take 20 minutes to eat a meal so that your gut and brain can talk with each other about your sense of fullness from eating.

2: Keep listening in balance with talking

3: Spend at least 5 minutes a day in silence and reflection.  Slowly graduate to higher levels

4: Spend at least 5 minutes a day in nature – at a park, in your backyard or admire a tree

5: As one of my favourite teachers Paramahansa Yogananda has stated, “if you read one hour, then write two hours, think three hours and meditate all the time”.

This is a guest post written by the lovely Deanna Minich Phd, CN. Deanna’s message is all about transforming the essence of self through the alchemy of foods and eating.


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