How To Avoid and Protect Yourself From Gossip:

by Carole Bourne

“Gossip sends your energy into the opposite direction of where you want to be going”

Giving your attention to gossip, plugs you into it, bringing a toxic energy into your being.  Gossip weakens your boundaries (and auric field) and allows other negative thought forms in. Your energies, and the direction in which your life flows is greatly compromised.

No matter which way you look at it, gossip doesn’t smell right, feel right, look right or sound right.  There is nothing helpful about gossip.


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Dictionary meaning: Gossip is idle talk or groundless rumours, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.

How to flick off gossip:

Following, are some of the things I have done over the years to reduce my exposure to the harms of gossip.

Whilst my life is certainly not 100% gossip free I am very mindful as to the conversations I give my time and energy too, and now have limited moments where gossip takes hold, zaps my energy or throws me totally off track with my life.

1. Choose your mindset.

Make a conscious choice to minimize your exposure to gossip from friends, media, work place, family and other situations in life.  Get to know what it smells and feels like.

2. Shift the energy by focusing on your exhale.

Breathe it away.  Let it go.  Spend longer on your exhale and keep your boundaries strong whilst ensuring the gossip is kept at a safe distance from you.

3. Get grounded – strengthen your root chakra:

Your root chakra (base of the spine) is the key to being grounded and having strong boundaries as shared by many great holistic medicine doctors such as  Dr. Mona Lisa, Dr. Christian Northrup and Dr. Deanna Minich.

You can support this chakra (and thereby strengthen your boundaries) by breathing into your feet, walking barefoot, eating quality protein foods, brisk walking, squatting, stomping your feet, hugging a tree or wearing red.

I highly recommend strengthening your root chakra to become more grounded with healthier, stronger boundaries.

4. Stop bringing it into your home.

Protect your personal living space by paying close attention as to how gossip sneaks into your home e.g TV, computer, gossip magazines, radio, phone calls, visitors, friends or family.  Be aware that listening, reading or watching celebrity gossip gives your focus to hurtful, shameful energy and invites it into your being and personal living space.

5. Louise Hays tip for disconnecting from gossip:

I remember reading in one of Louise Hay’s books how she handles gossip and is able to disconnect from it quickly. I’ve never forgotten it.

Louise would  calmly say “Thank you but I chose not to hear this right now” and remove herself from the situation.  You can’t get any easier than that.

6.  Strengthen your aura – wear a crystal.

Labrodrite seals your aura ( and therefore strengthens your boundaries ) whilst black tourmaline will transmute any negative energy in and around your being.

I prefer a combination of both labrodrite and black tourmaline in a bracelet. If you don’t like wearing crystals or its inappropriate for work then carry a piece in your pocket or bra.

* 12 great ways to strengthen your aura is an article I wrote last year and shares lots of ideas for cleansing and strengthening your aura, includes a yogic cleansing bath.

7. Improve your health.

The healthier your body and immune system the stronger your boundaries and the more nourishing and uplifting people and experiences you will attract. Like energy attracts like energy.

8.  Remember karma.

“What goes around comes around”.   If you don’t want to be a victim of gossip then don’t do it in the first place.

9. Release the harmful effects with flower essences:

I studied levels 1 and 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences about 8 years ago and learnt one of the most valuable ways to clear my being  (daily ) of negative energies.  Dab 7 drops of the flower essence Angelsword and Fringed violet to the area just above your belly button.

As many of my readers are not from Australia you may like to explore the Bach Flower Essence range which are sold world wide, or ask your local health food store which local flower essences they recommend to protect or heal your auric field.

throughout your body.


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Hilary June 9, 2010 at 5:32 am

I totally agree, I hate gossipers, but I also like to know what people are up to. Happy news — who’s had a baby, if someone’s kid is in the hospital and could use a dinner. Sometimes I fear I’m gossipping when I share stuff like that, but I think sometimes it’s the commentary on a situation that can get you in trouble.
Good ideas to think on!


Carole Fogarty June 10, 2010 at 7:01 am

Thanks, Hilary,

I agree that sharing happy news I would not think of as gossip.


Fine Life Folk June 12, 2010 at 6:52 pm

I practice tip #5 and I’ve somehow earned respect for it. In the beginning I became an outcast, but it turned out well for me in the long run.


Carole Fogarty June 20, 2010 at 7:56 am

@Fine Life Folk Good for you, stay strong.


Marjorie March 19, 2013 at 7:28 am

I really do agree gossip is not only bad, but gossip is evil. No one like’s to be talked about behind their back’s. I practice everyday to think before I say something about someone.


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