If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”  Loran Eisley 1957

Seriously, regular cold showers are incredibly beneficial and healing.  They can improve circulation, help boost white cell activity, dissolve tension, bring more blood flow to your organs, help your body detox, balance hormones,  revitalize chakra’s and cleanse the auric field.

I know from my own personal experience (a 3 month experiment with cold shower therapy) my thoughts are a lot more positive, things that would normally bother me just bounce off, energy levels are stronger and I feel lighter and clearer.  Its a very noticeable difference, not just subtle.

They say having a cold shower after you come home is one of the most beneficial times, as it helps ‘flick off” any negativity that you may have been exposed to during the day.

Cold showers simply work as a rejuvenation tool and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference after a few days, if not immediately.

12 essential reasons to have cold showers:

1: Mood booster:

It gives you an instant rush, leaving you feel awake and alive.  Cold water releases natural endorphins into your blood stream and brain. It shifts your mood. There are many scientists who even believe cold showers can help alleviate symptoms of depression.

2:  Releases stress and tension:

Tension is generally blocked energy and a cold shower helps move and shift that blocked energy.  Better energy flow equals a more relaxed and less stressed you.

3: Improves circulation:

Cold water stimulates blood flow to the core of your body bringing better blood flow to your organs and glands.  Improved blood flow equals more oxygen and a healthier you.

4:  Flushes out toxins:

The cold water contracts your muscles to encourage the flushing out of toxins.  With improved circulation the removal of toxins and pathogens is far more efficient.

5:  Clears negativity from your aura:

When your aura is strong it acts as a protective shield.  When fragile or damaged it can leave you drained and depleted.  Cold showers are excellent for cleansing, uplifting and strengthening the energy field around your body.

6: Cleanses your chakra’s:

Cold water is known to spin your chakras.  Its such a simple way to cleanse and revitalize them.  Make sure the cold water reaches all chakra’s, in particular the throat chakra which can often get missed if your neck is not fully open and extended.

7: Strengthens your immune system:

Improved circulation, more efficient removal of toxins and better oxygen flow throughout your body all support a healthier immune system.

8:  Speeds up the healing process:

For all the above reasons your body is working more effectively in healing and repairing itself from illness.

9:  Restores your energy levels:

Each cold shower boost the flow of energy throughout your body, releasing fatigue and lethargy.  You are left feeling refreshed and uplifted.

10:  Brings you fully into your body and fully into the present moment:

Without a doubt having a cold shower brings you 100% into the present moment.  It is very difficult for the mind to wonder if you are in the middle of a 1 minute cold shower.  You are totally focused on your body in the here and now.  Try and worry about something else when you are having a cold shower. It’s kind of impossible.

11: Cheap and environmentally friendly:

Cold showers are a very green thing to do.  It costs virtually nothing plus you are saving energy by not using hot water.  I personally only have a 3 minute cold shower due to our current water restrictions.

12:  Clears negative thinking:

Our cells contain water, and water holds memory of our thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle.  Regular cold showers help clear those cells of negative thinking supporting a more positive way of being.

Cold shower guidelines:

I’ve gathered notes and fliers over the years from many different naturopaths and holistic healers.  Here’s a collection of facts and variations that I hope you find as helpful as I did.

Have one when you get home from work:

As I mentioned before, I feel this is one of the most beneficial times to have a cold shower.  Helps clear negativity from your energy which you may have been exposed to during the day.

Essential times to have a cold shower:

Many practitioners recommend 2 or more cold showers a day.  This is particularly essential if you are working on shifting a physical or emotional problem.  The majority recommend at least 3 a day. First thing in the morning, when you get home from work and before you go to bed.

Start cold, warm, then finish cold:

The most common approach is to alternate.  Start with a cold shower, washing yourself  normally with warm water and then finish with cold water.  If you can’t start with a cold shower (not just yet anyway) at the very least finish with a cold shower.

Avoid when menstruating:

It’s quite a common recommendation to only have warm showers during your moon day cycles.

Start with 15 – 30 seconds:

Start small and gradually work up to 1 or 2 minutes.

Begin with your feet then move to your knees and legs.  Gradually introduce the cold water to all parts of your body.  Some practitioners  say its not absolutely necessary to get your head wet, just your face and back of neck (an important energy location)

Be sensible:

Little and often is far more effective than eight minutes at once.  Be mindful if you are feeling weak, listen to your body and start with small steps.