It is virtually impossible to write a journal and not discover more about yourself” Stephanie Dowrick

Journal writing can cleverly bring clarity to a confusing or an overly emotional situation.   It can spring clean the corners of your mind making way for new fresh thoughts.  A good dose of journal therapy is like a great friend that supports you all the way, and never judges.  Hooray for journal writing.

Journaling is the perfect partner when you need to connect more intimately with your true self.   A little alone time with your journal can often reveal exactly what’s needed.   Whose knows,  journal therapy may be just the sort of  medicine you need right now.  I know it certainly is for me.

Journal writing can be whatever you want it to be.  It can be short or long. For daily reflection, to record specific memories (new baby) to release stress, to find out what you really think, to vent, and vent, and vent, focus on an area of life that needs your attention, gain clarity, fine tune your goals, explore your emotions or ask for divine guidance.

It is for all these reasons I personally find journaling quite revealing and incredibly satisfying.  Your spelling can be bad, writing messy, page filled with swear words (if you feel that way inclined) – either way it’s the one place where you can be the least inhibited, totally open and explore what you feel needs to be explored.

For the past decade journal writing has cleverly known exactly when to re-appear back in my life. It has recently shown up (yet again) and will stay for as long as it needs too;  a few weeks, a month or even longer.  For this I am truly grateful, as great insights always follow.

Journal to reveal:

At the moment I’m asking my journal one question each morning “What is it I need to know today?” Sometimes the answers are short and sweet such as spend more time with your boys, drink more water, clear more clutter or go for a walk in nature.   Three minutes and its all done.

Other times it is lengthy as the words on my page do their best to bring depth and insight into an area of my life that needs attention.  These type of journal sessions usually take at least twenty minutes or longer.  I do my best to stop my thinking (getting in the way), and simply let my pen write, and write and write.

My hand seems to know when to stop.  I’m impressed.  What I read back is a revealing intimate conversation with the deepest part of me and of course a higher guidance.  I can’t help but discover more about myself.

As Stephanie Dowrick shares in her book Creative Journal Writing: The Art and Heart of ReflectionIt is virtually impossible to write a journal and not discover more about yourself”

Journal prompts especially for you:

If the above question doesn’t appeal to you then you may be drawn towards starting your journal writing session with a different prompt.  I listed a few below which I have gathered over the years from a collection of books and writers.

I feel most in tune with life and myself when ……………..

The reason I feel rushed is …………..

I don’t want to write about …………

Why I want to journal ……….

I remember ……………..

What can I do about ……………

What should I concentrate on in the coming years ………………..

Why am I confused ……………………..

My attitude to money comes from …………………

If you are already a journal lover please share your unique connection with journaling.   You might be a follower of Julia Cameron’s morning pages I’d love to hear your insight and stories.

xx Carole