“ Stand in front of your hallway cupboard. Does your energy go up or down”

There are lots of things that potentially can zap our energy, and many wonderful things that will nourish and refuel it.  Often, without realizing there can be certain areas in our living space that can subtly deplete us.

If you value your energy then its worth taking time out to stop, notice and feel if anything in your living space is adversely effecting or draining you.  Its all about tuning into the energetic influence your stuff has on you.

At this very moment I’m on a bit of a mission experimenting with  the Energy Down Energy Up exercise. I get myself into a quiet, still frame of mind and feel the feelings that I sense coming from draws, certain objects, cupboards, walls or any area of  space.

Is my energy going  “up” or does my energy go “down” ?   I then quietly tune into my intuition and decide what – if anything, needs to change, move or go.

If a rooms feels stuck or heavy it can simply mean it needs re-arranging or a space cleansing. Changing the layout of a room can be as good as a holiday and great for getting the energy moving and uplifted again.   Alternately it may be clutter that is weighing heavy on the rooms atmosphere which then requires a clutter busting session.

Interestingly it can be as easy to fix as one item or piece of furniture that spoils the whole feeling of a room.   It could be something annoying, broken or inherited (sad memory).  We are all different and what is draining for one person may not be for another.  Trust your intuition and what you are feeling.  Your body knows best.

As a result of doing this exercise I discovered that my couch pulls my energy down.  When I’m really honest I have to admit that its uncomfortable, I don’t like the colour and it always seems to annoy me.  I’ve tried putting it outside in the sunshine,  cleansing it with a sage smudge stick,  throwing rugs over it, putting crystals underneath it but nothing has changed its energy draining effect on my body.  The couch must go.

“Surround yourself with things the lift you up, not bring you down”  Carole Fogarty

The energy down, energy up exercise:

If you are doing this exercise for a room then its best to stand in the centre.  You are likely to get the strongest and truest feelings there.

If you are doing this exercise for a certain object then hold it (if you can) to either your heart or stomach area.  This may help you sense more clearly if your energy is going up or down.

I also find that early morning, before the kids are awake is one of the best times to practice the energy up, energy down exercise.  Everything is a little clearer and calmer, before the busyness of the day.

1:  Close your eyes:

It’s best to have your eyes closed so you are not distracted by any house cleaning or the likes, that you may distract you.

2:  Relax your breathing:

The calmer your mind and body the more in tune you will be with your “gut feelings”.  Breathe into your belly, let go and relax.

3:  Place your hands on your stomach:

Intuition or gut feelings are often felt in the stomach area.  By placing your hands on your stomach area you may be able to feel any tightness or tension that comes into your stomach muscles and sense a more accurate energy down energy up feeling.

Hands on stomach is a great alternate if you are not sure if your energy is going down or up.

4:  Trust your very first impressions:

Your body will know instantly when standing in the centre of a room if it pulls your energy down or brings your energy up.  Don’t get carried away with a conversation in your head (it will confuse you). Trust your first very first thought or feeling.

5:  Not sure:

If it’s a neutral feeling, then that’s OK, but keep a watch on it in the future.  If you are having trouble deciding if its energy down or energy up open your eyes and notice what feelings you have then.

If that doesn’t work quickly think of one word that comes to mind when you look at the object.  It might give you a clue such as annoying.

6: Still not sure, try clapping:

If the above doesn’t work then experiment with my favourite tip of all – clapping.  By clapping into a corner or in front of a cupboard you can tell by the crispness or dullness of your clap whether the energy is heavy and draining.  Sharp, crisp clear clap means the energy is light and uplifting.  Dull, flat clap means the energy is stagnant, heavy and depleting.

I’d also like to let you know that I am in the process of writing a simple “House Blessing and Space Clearing Guide” to help you shift heavy or dull feelings in your home.  Expect it to arrive just after Christmas. It will help greatly with any “energy down” feelings you may have about your home.

In the meantime you are very welcome to share any ideas and thoughts you may have with the readers in the comments section below.  Please note if you have received this post via email you will need to go back to the blog to leave a comment.


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