Essential Yoga Tips To Grab On The Run:

by Carole Bourne

If you have been pushing the limits lately and not giving back to your body, then here’s a few very simple tricks you can do with relative ease.  I’ve included a couple of detox tips, squeezed in a Qi Gong healing treat, plus a Chinese acupressure tip for constipation and diarrhea.


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The above yoga pose called virasana is ideal for your digestion and great if you have been over eating. Support your knees with a blanket (if you need too) and give them a massage afterwards.

Essential Yoga Tips To Grab On The Run For The Silly Season:

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1: Cleanse your body with Qi Gong: Stand up & inhale a full breath. Hold your breath as you clench fists & tighten your leg and arm muscles; release slowly as you exhale.  (Note: Not yoga but the Chinese healing system of Qi Gong,  it works really well  at removing waste from your body when you exhale.  Did you know that 70% of waste is removed from your body via your breath)

2: Is your back aching? Try legs up the wall for 20 minutes. Its also great if you have been standing for too long:

(Note: if you can’t rest your legs against a wall simply rest them on the seat of a chair. This relaxation yoga pose is also great for fluid retention in your legs)

3: Suffering from overeating. Kneel in between your heels with hands on your lap for 10 minutes. This yoga trick is called virasana. Sit on a blanket to remove any stress from the knees and massage them afterwards.  (Note: picture of yoga pose is above)

4: Yoga detox tea: This recipe was given to me by my Ayurvedic practitioner.  1/4 tsp coriander seeds, 1/4 tsp of cummin seeds and 1/4tsp of fennel seeds. Mix with 1.5 litres of hot water.  Sip throughout the day. (Note: I make this tea in my thermos each morning, so I can carry it everywhere with me)

5: Focus on relaxing all  parts of your head: It will trigger the rest of your body to follow.  Sit or lay comfortably for 5 minutes and relax your forehead, relax your eyeballs, relax your teeth and relax your tongue.  (Note: The lazy way to dissolve your fatigue)

6: Stop regularly for yogic breathing: and notice the bigger picture of life: Inhale deeply past your belly button & exhale gently & fully. ( Note;  I few deep breaths puts a little space between you and the world and calms your thinking at the same time)

7: Hand yoga for detoxing: Spread fingers on both hands and then place your thumb on the inner edge of your ring finger.  Hold this position for 3 – 15 minutes.

8: Let it go: Sit on your knees, take a deep breath in open your mouth wide and stretch out your tongue curling it towards your chin, open eyes wide and look between your two eye brows. As you exhale make a strong “ha” sound or roar like a lion.  (Note: this yoga pose is called Simhasana or lion pose, arms rest on knees with hands and fingers stretched and fanned out, releases built up frustration trapped in your head and neck area.)

9: Chinese Acupressure tip for constipation: Massage your index finger from its tip right down to the base. If you have diarrhea then massage from its base up to the tip: (Note:You are stimulating the meridians by using your fingers. A positive effect can be achieved after several minutes)

10: Alternate nostril breathing: Calm a busy mind, balance the brain and improve oxygen by practising a simple yogic breathing technique.  Click here for full details:


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