April Give-Away: 7 Steps To Sanity Mentoring Program:

by Carole Bourne

By Carole Fogarty

Monthly Holistic Living Give-away: Jennifer Jefferies, Speaker, Author and The Healthy Living Lounge are giving away three, 7 Steps to Sanity On-Line Mentoring Programs:

If you are struggling with work life balance, feel the joy has been sucked right out of your life and know you’ve had enough, then you will be thrilled to know, our April monthly holistic living give-way is Jennifer Jefferies, 7 steps to sanity on-line mentoring program. You’ll love it.


Jennifer travels the world, talking to groups, at conferences and to corporate businesses on how to handle work life balance. She’s a fellow Aussie with a great sense of humor, particularly when she starts talking about bum glue.

I have personally done this program around 2 years ago, and can highly, highly recommend it. It is simple (we love simple), very practical, holistic and gently coaches you into looking at the bigger picture of your life.

The seven deadly sins of work life balance:
If you loved Jennifer’s recent guest post called The Seven Deadly Sins of Work Life Balance then you would be silly not to put your hand up to win, one of the three on-line mentoring programs that are valued at $99.00.

How to win your free on-line mentoring program – It’s easy:
Competition is open to anyone. Simply leave a comment below in this post and let me know why you’d love to participate in Jennifer’s on-line mentoring program. A short answer is fine we’ll be able to pick up your stressed vibes.

If you are one of the lucky winners you simply need to announce it on your blog and link back to here. Too easy. Competition open until the 20th March and then I’ll announce the winners.

Winners of March’s competition:
The three lucky winners in March for our 3 cd’s called On the Go meditations for Busy Women by Pam Abeling were:

Suzie Cheel from Abundance Highway
Jodi from Lighteningonline
Lisa from Workoutmommy:

Congratulations to all the above winners, your prize is on the way.

Come play with me on Twitter:

As a quick addition, I’m having lots of fun on twitter, just come as you are, no need to dress up and I might even shout you a great chai tea when you get there. I make the best chai tea’s in the world. Twitterland awaits you:


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JoLynn Braley March 29, 2008 at 3:16 am

Hi Carole,

I just found you through MyBlogLog (joined your comm. :) ) and would love to be a winner in your online mentoring program giveaway! Even though I’m enjoying my work at the moment, I often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day – I agree that it’s important to strike a good balance.



Dr. Nicole Sundene March 29, 2008 at 10:40 am

*raises hand*

Oh oh please pick me!!!

I am the most stressed out and chaotic person you could know! Well progress not perfection. I am the perfect candidate to pilot this program and blog about it!!


Dallee April 10, 2008 at 2:52 am

A work-life balancing program sounds so ideal right now.

I’ve spent the last nine months successfully making lemonade out of a lemon — was diagnosed with diabetes and turned that diagnosis into the best thing that ever happened to my health and fitness. I post on the Forum at http://www.diabetes-book.com and follow the recommended low carb diet (about 30 g carb a day). Have shedded 50 pounds pretty effortlessly (and that weight happened specifically because low insulin means your body doesn’t use glucose efficiently and stores extra carbs as fat) and eliminated quite a few minor medical problems along the way.

But now it is time to pay attention to the rest of my life … and Jennifer’s mentoring program sounds ever so perfect!

You ask for a linkback. I would post on the Diabetes Book Forum, which has thousands of members.

And, Carol, I love your articles! Thanks for what you have added to my life and the life of others.



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